Wall Street Journal - Apr 17 2021 - Hoard Times

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Clues Answers
“Are you kidding me?” REALLY
“Goosebumps” writer R.L STINE
“Hamlet” prop SKULL
“Law & Order” segment TRIAL
“On Golden Pond” Oscar winner FONDA
“Straight, No Chaser” composer MONK
“Walking on Thin Ice” vocalist ONO
“___ a long story” ITS
Admiral’s org USN
American assignment SEAT
Analyze grammatically PARSE
As a result ERGO
Assembled MASSED
Attached to a taskbar, say PINNED
Bananas LOONY
Being, in Brest ETRE
Bone: Prefix OSTEO
Bottle size LITER
Bottom line NET
Buccaneer buds MATEYS
Camera emporium? SHOOTINGSTORE
Capital in the Balkans SOFIA
Chess’s world champion from 1975 to 1985 KARPOV
Child labor? RECIPE
Cologne divider RHINE
Component of a nonkosher wrap? CENTRALPORK
Condescending manner AIRS
Confident poker players RAISERS
Conjure up EVOKE
Consistent with ASPER
Controlling power, so to speak REINS
Crime writer Rule ANN
Crumb carrier ANT
Cube root of ocho DOS
Dawn goddess EOS
Decrease in power WANE
Denial from a demoiselle NON
Dharma expert LAMA
Embarrassing gaffe FAUXPAS
Expired RANOUT
First name of Dickens’s “Little Dorrit” AMY
Fit for a king REGAL
Flamboyant accessory BOA
Food section of a mall? SHOPPINGCOURT
Gambler’s giveaway TELL
Game whose board has 20 radial segments DARTS
Genre from Jamaica SKA
Gordon, Negga and Wilson RUTHS
Gramercy Five bandleader Shaw ARTIE
Grammy nominee Del Rey LANA
Harder to make out BLURRIER
Home of the NHL’s Wild STPAUL
Hub northwest of LAX SFO
In the vicinity ABOUT
Indignant exclamation AHEM
Initiation ritual OATH
Is pedantic NITPICKS
It comes with the Magic Keyboard IMAC
It might be bugging you WIRE
Its monetary unit is the tugrik MONGOLIA
Joplin work RAG
Khan’s foe KIRK
Laughs from Santa HOS
Least sweet DRYEST
Letters on a zero button OPER
Like lingerie, often LACY
Clues Answers
Listening to repetitive music, maybe ONHOLD
Loaded RICH
Located the source of TRACED
Makes a choice OPTS
Meet heat RACE
Meteor’s trail STREAK
Mount Ka’ala setting OAHU
Moved laterally SIDLED
Mug, say ROB
National emblem of Wales LEEK
Nationals, when international EXPOS
Nick and Nora’s terrier ASTA
Nick Jr.’s “___ Pig” PEPPA
Official warning ADVISORY
On the decline WORSE
One might revolve around Mars MYTH
Org. with the arts.gov website NEA
Out of gear? NAKED
Pampas horseman GAUCHO
Persian ruler SHAH
Piece of thigh armor TASSE
Pledged loyalty TROTH
Powerful and dignified LEONINE
Pretzel topping SALT
Pulitzer-winning film critic EBERT
Question asked during a guitar lesson? ISTHISYOURCHORD
Résumé listing SKILLS
Ready to be driven TEED
Received in one’s home HOSTED
Regarding ASTO
Relaxed ATEASE
Repulsed remarks UGHS
River through Stratford AVON
Roman general who defeated Hannibal SCIPIO
Ruminate THINK
Seekers of intelligence SPIES
Seneca’s student NERO
Set straight ORIENT
Settle REPAY
Sherbet choice ORANGE
Sign of boredom YAWN
Slide subject AMOEBA
Slow passage LARGO
Sounds from pounds ARFS
Spilled everything SANG
Squared accounts, in a way AVENGED
Starting advantage LEGUP
Sticker figures PRICES
Stiff drink BRACER
Stir up AROUSE
Surrounded by AMID
Teamster transport RIG
Trellis pieces LATHS
Ultimate goal ENDALL
Uncool fellow’s inoculation? ASHOTINTHEDORK
Unpleasant reminder? NAGGER
Vague lunch time ONEISH
Volatile, as a situation EXPLOSIVE
Waiting room call NEXT
Well-meaning sort DOGOODER
Why a connoisseur might build a spacious wine cellar? FORTHEMOSTPORT
Wielder of Mjölnir THOR
Winter War force REDARMY
Without purpose IDLY
Writer Sinclair UPTON
Zoo chimps who just sit there doing nothing? MONKEYBORES