The Times - Concise - Times Concise No 8568

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Clues Answers
Auction item LOT
Australian city ADELAIDE
Boring unending job TREADMILL
Cabbage, kale, etc GREENS
Eg, eland ANTELOPE
Fairy king OBERON
Fine dry powder DUST
Gin cocktail MARTINI
Highly unpleasant NASTY
Instrument like a dulcimer PSALTERY
Kings, queens, etc ROYALTY
Like the core of an egg YOLKY
Lines from circle's centre RADII
Clues Answers
Lower part of cheek JOWL
Metrical foot DACTYL
Never-changing IMMUTABLE
Notes played together CHORD
Open to the people PUBLIC
Puree of pulses DAL
Reciprocal of zero INFINITY
Ritual procedure CEREMONY
Self-evident truth AXIOM
Survival from earlier times RELIC
The day after today TOMORROW
Theatre group COMPANY
Throwing a cricket ball BOWLING