Wall Street Journal - Apr 15 2021 - Tax Brackets

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Clues Answers
“99 Problems” singer JAYZ
“Understood” GOTIT
“What there thou ___, fair creature, is thyself”: “Paradise Lost” SEEST
Afternoon break SIESTA
Article written by Marx DAS
Barclays Center squad NETS
Beating ATHOB
Bedard who voiced Disney’s Pocahontas IRENE
Bert’s pal ERNIE
Brit. bigwigs PMS
Bruins legend Bobby ORR
Buccaneer Brady TOM
Buck partner DOE
Celtic and Capri, for Joe and Jill Biden CODENAMES
Citizenship, per the 14th Amendment BIRTHIGHT
Corp. money tender CFO
Curry on the court STEPH
Date for a party EVE
Deal with a bald spot, perhaps RESOD
Distort SKEW
Emmy nominee Issa RAE
Epithet for Princess Diana ENGLISHOSE
Fencing moves THUSTS
Four-term POTUS FDR
Galvanizing stuff ZINC
George opposed by Washington III
GI’s chill time RNR
Good, in Guadeloupe BON
Graduation memento TASSEL
Hand demand ANTE
He’s celebrated on the ninth day of Chaitra RAMA
Hosp. areas ERS
How a Marine’s address might end MIL
In good shape FIT
In the cellar LAST
In the vicinity AROUND
It began at the Bastille FRENCHEVOLUTION
It’s three after 3-Down PHI
Jack’s co-star in “Heartburn” and “Ironweed” MERYL
Clues Answers
Jazz location UTAH
Jersey, e.g KNIT
John Wayne film whose title is Swahili for “danger” HATARI
Lime or olive TREE
London-based financial giant HSBC
Make the cut SAW
Many a conservative REDSTATER
Match makeup SETS
Misfortune WOE
Nice waters EAUX
Noted MGM lion LAH
Oscar winner for “Monster” THERON
Out of fashion OLDHAT
Pale wood ASH
Parmesan alternative ASIAGO
Planet, poetically ORB
Pop star Nicki MINAJ
Prepares to shower STRIPS
Remove the lines from, as a ship UNRIG
Slip site PIER
Son of Aphrodite EROS
Storm tracker RADAR
Summation symbol in math SIGMA
Table of data MATRIX
Tax giant, as well as a hint to four squares in this puzzle HANDRBLOCK
Tennis champion Osaka NAOMI
Their terms are often simplified LAYMEN
Therefore ERGO
They do their banking on the move PLANES
They may be furrowed BROWS
Tiramisu topping COCOA
Tousle MUSS
Via, informally THU
Whale, in a casino HIGHOLLER
Where Patroclus died TROY
Winner in two of his five Best Actor nominations HANKS
You might trip on it LSD
Young socialite DEB
Youngest son of Arthur and Molly Weasley RON