Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Apr 26 2021

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Clues Answers
"Homeland" org CIA
"Yecch!" UGH
A gazillion years EON
Actress Lena OLIN
Arizona tribe HOPI
Bagel feature HOLE
Bee's home HIVE
Big-screen buys TVS
Boutique SHOP
Burden ONUS
Bygone fliers SSTS
Chowed down ATE
Church leaders PASTORS
Cold War initials USSR
Corn core COB
Cosmetics mogul Lauder ESTEE
Dazzle STUN
Deli sandwich meat PASTRAMI
Depot (Abbr.) STA
Desist STOP
Doctrine ISM
Eat in style DINE
Everest guide SHERPA
Feels unwell AILS
Get smaller SHRINK
Gore and Green ALS
Grand tale EPIC
Initial chip ANTE
Jared of "Panic Room" LETO
Lab workers CHEMISTS
Clues Answers
Little rascal IMP
Mag. staff EDS
Mentor GURU
Military group UNIT
Milk seller DAIRY
Occupy the throne RULE
Oompah band member TUBA
Ornamental beetle SCARAB
Paris school ECOLE
PC key ESC
Poker variety STUD
Pulled in NETTED
Puts in place SITUATES
Quick kiss PECK
Sacred HOLY
Satan's purchase SOUL
Slip out of place, as a disk PROLAPSE
Small beard GOATEE
Smile broadly BEAM
Some lighters BICS
Sporty car roof TTOP
SSW opposite NNE
Subject MATTER
Succor AID
Summery shades PASTELS
Tampa Bay NFLer BUC
Volunteer's words ICAN
Words to Brutus ETTU
— City (Denver nickname) MILEHIGH
— culpa MEA