New York Times - Apr 13 2021

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Clues Answers
'Get Out' director Jordan PEELE
'Get Out,' for one HORRORFILM
1945 meeting place for F.D.R., Churchill and Stalin YALTA
Assist AID
Basketball play SCREEN
Bath site TUB
Beatles-like hairdo MOPTOP
Beverage brand whose first mascot was Willy the Hillbilly MOUNTAINDEW
Brexit opponent's vote REMAIN
Bumpy beginning ... or a hint to 18-, 24-, 36- and 52-Across ROCKYSTART
C.E.O.'s reading, maybe, in brief WSJ
Cause fuzzy vision in BLEAR
Chinese 'path' TAO
Choral section ALTOS
Close at hand NEARBY
Colored part of the iris AREOLA
Come to understand LEARN
Communication during peak times? YODEL
Component of a sake bomb, often ASAHI
Condescending sort SNOB
Contemptuous smile SNEER
Cookie in the shape of its first and last letters OREO
Cool, in slang DOPE
Coyote outfoxer, in cartoons ROADRUNNER
CPR provider EMT
Eating surface on an airplane TRAY
Extremely TOO
Extremely OHSO
Facebook status FRIEND
Fleming who created James Bond IAN
From nature, not nurture INNATE
Frontiersman Crockett DAVY
Gore Vidal's '___ Breckinridge' MYRA
Greek letter that looks like a 'P' RHO
Hitchcock movie or U2 song VERTIGO
Incendiary jelly used in the Vietnam War NAPALM
Internet address, for short URL
Jetties PIERS
Clues Answers
Kind of cloud that may bring precipitation NIMBUS
Kind of tide that lifts all boats RISING
Kit ___ bar KAT
Lesser-played part of a record, usually SIDEB
Letter after Romeo in the NATO alphabet SIERRA
Like most characters in 'Black Panther' WAKANDAN
Like Roger Federer and Martina Hingis SWISS
Macho sort STUD
Matador TORERO
Mauna ___ (Hawaiian volcano) KEA
Mind, as a warning HEED
Mixer with gin or vodka TONIC
North, south, east or west POINT
One of the Rice Krispies mascots SNAP
Part of San Diego that's home to its zoo BALBOAPARK
Pasta sauce brand RAGU
Periods of time ERAS
Place where Farsi is spoken IRAN
Places to nap SOFAS
Pop the question PROPOSE
Printing predicament PAPERJAM
Raison d'___ ETRE
Remove excess verbiage, e.g EDIT
Route: Abbr HWY
Sea between Turkey and Greece AEGEAN
Some downloads APPS
Stephen of 'The Crying Game' REA
Strength FORTE
Symbol of stubbornness MULE
Talk one's head off YAK
Took the checkered flag WON
Urged (on) EGGED
Votes in favor YEAS
Word after odd or job LOT
Word that sounds like its middle letter ARE
Wrap up END
___ Lingus AER