USA Today - May 25 2021

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Clues Answers
'Plus . . .' ALSO
'Strong Island' director Ford YANCE
'Sweetie' or 'babe' PETNAME
'The High Note' star Tracee Ellis ___ ROSS
'The Lord of the Rings' setting MIDDLEEARTH
'The ___' (musical set in Oz) WIZ
'Throw It Back' rapper MISSYELLIOTT
Amaze STUN
Au, on the periodic table GOLD
Barrette, for example CLIP
Beneath UNDER
Bi Visibility ___ (Sept. 23) DAY
Big cut GASH
Big test that's not a final MIDTERMEXAM
Breanna ___, 2020 WNBA Finals MVP STEWART
Calculate the total of ADDUP
Campfire remnants ASHES
Chemistry Nobel Laureate Molina MARIO
Chromosome features ARMS
Clean Air Act org EPA
Coconut ___ OIL
Compact ___ DISC
Cuts bangs, perhaps TRIMS
Decibel or deciliter, e.g UNIT
Device for weighing SCALE
Draws back SHIES
Dress edge HEM
Elm, for example TREE
Environmentalist's prefix ECO
Excuse from the Latin for 'elsewhere' ALIBI
Figure skating jump AXEL
French for 'very' TRES
Fried food on a stick CORNDOG
Glue back together, maybe FIX
Had some shish barak, say ATE
Handsome GUAPO
Happy cat sound PURR
Hypotheticals IFS
Clues Answers
Insect in a papery nest WASP
Kicking ___ (rugby ball support) TEE
Leaves the highway EXITS
Lies in the sun, perhaps TANS
Looked at EYED
Low-calorie, on labels LITE
Make huge efforts STRIVE
Miner's find ORE
Most vending machine cash ONES
Mouth parts GUMS
On vacation, say AWAY
Panel on a car FENDER
Particles discussed in Chemistry 101 ATOMS
Peak called Sagarmatha in Nepal MOUNTEVEREST
Performed in a play ACTED
Person who saves the day HERO
Pillow cover SHAM
Pleasant NICE
Post-exercise feeling ACHE
Prefix for 'sweet' or 'circle' SEMI
Protects from disease IMMUNIZES
Puppy's tail movement WAG
Ran off FLED
Rideshare app stat ETA
Rudely ignore SNUB
Simplicity EASE
Some graduate degrees PHDS
T.J. Oshie's league NHL
Throat-clearing sound AHEM
Treatment for an ankle sprain ICE
Unbusy IDLE
Volleyball player's knee protectors PADS
Was nosy PRIED
Well-protected SAFE
What a Jenga tower does at the end of the game FALLS
Wineglass part STEM
Word of consent YES
___ anesthetist NURSE