USA Today - May 21 2021

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Clues Answers
'How long ___ it been?' HAS
'Regrettably . . .' ALAS
'Star Wars' knights JEDI
27-Down with a handle CANE
Actor Mohammad-___ Keshavarz ALI
Additional MORE
Another word for 'potato' ALOO
At the summit of ATOP
Athlete and activist Moore MAYA
Bike chain replacement, e.g REPAIRJOB
Blackjack card ACE
Blend together MELD
Bouncy alternative to a desk chair YOGABALL
Brosh who wrote 'Hyperbole and a Half' ALLIE
Cafe au ___ (coffee with milk) LAIT
Checked to be certain MADESURE
Circular roof DOME
Con ___ (with love) AMOR
Counterpart of demand SUPPLY
Cut ___ (let go of) LOOSE
De-wrinkling appliance IRON
Distinctive ambience AURA
Document of ownership DEED
Doorstep coverings MATS
Embrace HOLD
Flat floating structures RAFTS
Flour that's a palindrome ATTA
Formation of raked leaves PILE
Gather dust, maybe SITIDLE
Get higher RISE
Get under the skin of RILE
Going ___ (bickering) ATIT
Guide dog or wheelchair MOBILITYAID
Hawk's claw TALON
Hobbit whose best friend is Sam FRODO
Instruction booklet section STEP
Larger-than-life figure IDOL
Like grass with overnight condensation DEWY
Clues Answers
Like some difficult hikes STEEP
Little devils IMPS
Make more restrictive TIGHTEN
Make stuff up LIE
Makes an effort TRIES
Massage supplies OILS
Name found in 'white dove' TED
NBA player Steven ADAMS
Nostalgic tune OLDIE
Occasions for tress-related stress BADHAIRDAYS
One of a gibbon's longer limbs ARM
Org. in airports TSA
Point in time MOMENT
Reckless RASH
Room with a skylight ATRIUM
Singer Bailey HALLE
Slip up ERR
Stained glass segment PANE
Start from zero RESET
Supper, for example MEAL
Tater ___ TOT
Thank the nail artist TIP
Thunder-and-lightning event STORM
Tie score represented by two fingers ONEONE
Trial episode PILOT
Try to get into a program APPLY
Type a phone number DIAL
Unblinking look STARE
Use some oars ROW
Utter chaos MAYHEM
Vast grassland STEPPE
What might help with reviewing a draft you've read 10,000 times FRESHPAIROFEYES
Whichever ANY
Word before or after 'told' ALL
Worded differently PARAPHRASED
Work the soil HOE
___ around (snooped) NOSED
___ out (allotted) DOLED