Wall Street Journal - Apr 13 2021 - Watch Your Back

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Clues Answers
“Ain’t happening!” NOPE
“___ handled that differently” IDVE
Absorb, as gravy SOPUP
Afr. neighbor EUR
Animated film that won a Golden Globe in 2021 SOUL
Big thing in a boardroom EGO
Carry to excess OVERDO
Coldly unfriendly ICY
Cry of victory YES
Delighted squeal OOH
Didn’t dine out ATEIN
Didn’t get to play SAT
Digitally endorse ESIGN
DNA sample, of a sort CHEEKSWAB
Dropping the ball, say ERROR
Every village has one, so they say IDIOT
FedEx rival UPS
First Native American newspaper in the country CHEROKEEPHOENIX
Flaring stars NOVAS
Give in to gravity SAG
Give stars to, say RATE
Hall of Fame pitcher Warren SPAHN
Hawaii’s Mauna ___ KEA
High high heels STILETTOS
Instagram upload PHOTO
It generally includes the author’s name and the imprint TITLEPAGE
Jamaican genre SKA
Joke GAG
Langley, for one: Abbr AFB
Lester Holt’s network NBC
Letter from Lesbos ETA
Like Loki NORSE
Loan fig APR
Loses freshness GOESSTALE
Love to bits ADORE
Clues Answers
Mail carrier’s beat ROUTE
Music’s Yoko ONO
Neurosurgeon/journalist Sanjay GUPTA
Niels who won the Nobel Prize for his model of the atom BOHR
NPR host Shapiro ARI
Oft-dunked cookie OREO
On the ocean ASEA
One of eight on an octagon SIDE
P.O. boxes, e.g NOS
Party dispenser KEG
Phone exchanges TEXTS
Pint or pound UNIT
Players introduced in 2001 IPODS
Poem that’s a homophone of 18-Down ODE
Pretend not to notice, and a hint to this puzzle’s circled words LOOKTHEOTHERWAY
Primatology subject APE
Pull to a repair shop TOW
Put into play USE
Put one’s John Hancock on INKED
Rented LET
Set of characteristics resulting from genetics and environment PHENOTYPE
Shire of “Rocky” TALIA
Some food truck fare TACOS
Sounds of understanding AHS
Spanish boys NINOS
Start of a round TEESHOT
Stealthy mercenary NINJA
Subsides EBBS
Termite, e.g PEST
The dust of the Dust Bowl TOPSOIL
They may do nosegrinds and ollies SKATERATS
TiVo precursors VCRS
Ump’s call SAFE
Valued violin, familiarly STRAD
Wallpaper, furniture, etc DECOR
Was indebted to OWED
Write quickly JOT