Canadiana - Apr 12 2021

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Clues Answers
A victory AWIN
Agitate STIR
Arm bones ULNAE
Bean type SOY
Before, poetically ERE
Blakeney and Waxman ALS
Bundles BALES
Bus. letter opener RE
Catcalls? MEOWS
Certain guns STENS
Chemical ending ENE
Common diode, abbr LED
Cosy room DEN
Cotton pods BOLLS
Cougar PUMA
Easy as _____ ABC
Fragrant oil ATAR
Glowered SCOWLED
Goodbye, in Gaspe ADIEU
Herbal soothers ALOES
Itinerary ref ETA
Japanese sash OBI
Last word of our Valentine verse YOU
Metal sources ORES
More of our Valentine verse SUGARIS
More of our Valentine verse ARE
More of our Valentine verse AREBLUE
More of our Valentine verse RED
More of our Valentine verse ANDSO
More of our Valentine verse SWEET
Clues Answers
Musical performances DUETS
One less than twice ONCE
One of the Greats? ERIE
Opponent RIVAL
Our Valentine verse begins ROSES
Our Valentine verse continues ARE
Our Valentine verse continues VIOLETS
Percheron's missus MARE
Polo, for one MARCO
Praiseful poems ODES
Prefix denoting new NEO
Promos ADS
Realtor's offering LOTS
Rector's residence MANSE
Roman sixty LX
Scoreless tie OO
Ship part PROW
Some beers LITE
Store away STASH
Summer, to some ETE
Sunk a putt HOLED
Television, slangily TELE
That lady SHE
The, to Theriault LE
Topper LID
Toyota SUV RAV
Tree parts LIMBS
Vintner's creation WINE
Waterway CHANNEL
What love can be ETERNAL
Wine designation CRU