The Washington Post - Apr 12 2021

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Clues Answers
'Enchanted' movie girl played by Anne Hathaway ELLA
'Honey, I'm Home' singer Twain SHANIA
'Porgy and __' BESS
'Shame on you!' TSK
'The Catch' actress Mireille __ ENOS
'__ you comfy?' ARE
Annoys VEXES
Approves OKS
Arterial implant STENT
ATM code PIN
B and B's, e.g INNS
Banished from one's country EXILED
Book of maps ATLAS
Chemically nonreactive INERT
Cotton gin inventor Whitney ELI
Criticize harshly BASH
Deep-voiced singer BASSO
Definition MEANING
Defy authority REBEL
Did a marathon, say RAN
Dimpled facial feature, perhaps CHIN
Distance runner MILER
Doe or stag DEER
Doily trim LACE
Enjoyed a meal ATE
Every 12 mos YRLY
Extremely harsh SEVERE
FedExed, say SENT
Fish eggs ROE
Fit for a monarch REGAL
From Tokyo, say JAPANESE
Game room missile DART
Genetic twin CLONE
Get-well program, briefly REHAB
Ginger ale or root beer SODA
Golfer's pegs TEES
Great Lake that stretches from New York to Michigan ERIE
Greek i's IOTAS
Half a McDonald's logo ARCH
Clues Answers
Home of twigs NEST
In time gone by AGO
Increasing, and a hint to 17- and 40-Across and 11- and 27-Down ONTHERISE
Italian lawn bowling BOCCE
Lena who sang 'Stormy Weather' HORNE
Like a fox, it's said SLY
Liver secretion BILE
Manually BYHAND
Needing no Rx OTC
Nuclear reactor ATOMICPILE
Oft-stubbed digit TOE
Old Italian money LIRA
Overly large TOOBIG
Place for junk SCRAPHEAP
Place of refuge HAVEN
Prescription amount DOSE
Promote big-time HYPE
Reef makeup CORAL
Relaxation of govt. rules DEREG
Seeks answers ASKS
Shipwreck site ISLE
Significant __: partner OTHER
Skip, with 'out' SIT
Small order of pancakes SHORTSTACK
Some youth ctrs YMCAS
Soothing ointment BALM
Stick shift choice GEAR
Still in the game ALIVE
Took a drive MOTORED
Touched down ALIT
Traffic tie-ups JAMS
Turn loose LETGO
U.S. Congress, informally THEHILL
Unrefined minerals ORES
Venetian blind piece SLAT
Wagons at midday socials TEACARTS
Web or nanny follower CAM
Wood-shaping machines LATHES
__-hair pasta ANGEL