- Apr 11 2021

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Clues Answers
''Alice in Wonderland'' cat DINAH
''Cave __'' (beware of dog: Lat.) CANEM
''Giant'' at a California national park SEQUOIA
''Ivanhoe'' novelist SCOTT
''Marines' Hymn'' city TRIPOLI
''My Fair Lady'' composer LOEWE
''Not so fast!'' EASY
A mile a minute SIXTY
Affront INSULT
Alamo competitor AVIS
All possible EVERY
Allege CLAIM
Ancient native of 29 Down INCA
Author Jong ERICA
Baby kangaroo JOEY
Bath gel ingredient ALOE
Be boastful CROW
Big name in unusual insurance LLOYDS
Boot out EVICT
Boot out EJECT
Bowl for butter TUB
Broke a fast ATE
Buck passer's comment YOUDECIDE
Card game specifics RULES
Catch by surprise SNARE
Centers of Scout camp activities FIRES
Chili partner CARNE
City near Tahoe RENO
City near Teheran QUM
Come across (as) SEEM
Complain about DECRY
Conductor's pages SCORE
Courageous BOLD
Covered in fuzz NAPPY
Cupid alias EROS
Current members ACTIVES
Danson of TV TED
Dark purple PUCE
Don't publicize SITON
Doubtless SURE
Drug directory PHARMACOPOEIA
Dryer buildup LINT
Early video game maker ATARI
Elhi auxiliary PTA
English noblemen EARLS
Excited to get going EAGER
Expert to trust PRO
Falstaffian OBESE
Fills with cargo LADES
Forelimb bone ULNA
Forested expanse TREESCAPE
Forget to put in OMIT
French article UNE
French political philosopher MONTESQUIEU
Generous one DONOR
Get wet, then freeze ICEUP
Gives feedback REACTS
Golf target PAR
Grandson of 26 Across ENOS
Great distinction EXCELLENCE
Greek column style DORIC
Grove tricklings SAPS
Half-speed effect SLOWMO
Have some (of) PARTAKE
Hawaiian volcano KILAUEA
Heart outlet AORTA
High anxiety HYSTERIA
Home to 4+ billion ASIA
Imitative artist APER
Informal discussions CHATS
Jill Biden, __ Jacobs NEE
Clues Answers
Lecture postscript, casually QANDA
Letter on a gold key KAPPA
Leveling off PLATEAUING
Little one TOT
Love, in Lima AMOR
Madrid mom MADRE
Martial art with bamboo swords KENDO
Modeling materials CLAYS
More than sore IRATE
Move very slowly CREEP
Moves cautiously EDGES
Movie ''Monsieur'' played by Jacques Tati HULOT
Multiskilled one DOALL
Nation in the South Pacific SAMOA
Nation on the South Pacific PERU
Neighbor of Nor SWE
Network connection NODE
Noggin tops PATES
Novelist Jaffe RONA
Of sound SONIC
On-the-job extra PERK
One of the Mario Brothers LUIGI
Outcast from Eden ADAM
Overly compliant OBSEQUIOUS
Penitent SORRY
Pepsi competitor RCCOLA
Plum cousin SLOE
Pre-streaming center VIDEOSTORE
Pressed to act URGED
Profundity DEPTH
Proof of truth VALIDATION
Proposal figure QUOTE
Question of self-doubt CANI
Quirky habit TIC
Racer's service stop PITROW
Ran, as printed ink BLED
Remain unresolved PEND
Resident of Teheran IRANI
Rhythmic repetition CHANT
Robust HALE
Robust HARDY
Rugby formations SCRUMS
Sand component SILICA
Shady area ARBOR
Shrewd CAGEY
Sigma preceder RHO
Single serving of sugar PACKET
Star's billing LEADACTOR
Sticky stationery POSTITNOTE
Supply on a spool THREAD
Support of a French philosopher's theories ROUSSEAUISM
Supporting, nonstandardly FER
Survey POLL
Syrian city ALEPPO
Syrian neighbor LEBANESE
The Bard's call to arms ALARUM
Tool for firefighter training LADDER
Turkish money LIRA
Two Bs in the key of C TITI
Urban rtes STS
Waltzed through ACED
What loafers lack LACES
Whiteboard category DRYERASE
Widespread MASS
Wine manager STEWARD
Written evidence of a debt IOU
Young animated explorer DORA
Youth group overseen by the USDA FOURHCLUB
__ hint (suggest something) DROPA