The Sun - Two Speed - Apr 11 2021

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Clues Answers
26-mile race MARATHON
Apprehension ANGST
Aspiration AMBITION
Atmosphere reversed in unhappy destiny DOOM
Audacity NECK
Battle remembered in the long run? MARATHON
Bell's noise CLANG
British princess DIANA
Buy freedom in Iran somehow RANSOM
Changing main polo mount PALOMINO
Chicken and duck in new resort ROOSTER
Citrus quencher LIMEADE
Dad keeps an old sheep in view PANORAMA
Daze or shock STUN
Drink Courage? NECK
Drink gets me in with drunken Delia LIMEADE
Effort SHOT
Fanatics taking lift to floor STUN
Form of rummy CANASTA
Fringe benefit available in some industries? BYPRODUCT
Full-grown ADULT
Get at ship in storm for food SPAGHETTI
Great lover married? Good one might be bad! ANTONYM
Has the skills in prison CAN
Hostage-taker in cover by hill CAPTOR
Clues Answers
Immature cow eating the lot CALLOW
In a tomb weirdly harbouring one desire AMBITION
Incidental result BYPRODUCT
Inexperienced CALLOW
Is able to CAN
Lower limb LEG
Male fowl ROOSTER
Mature blue ADULT
Moon goddess from Indian area DIANA
On length for example LEG
One being a substitute in practice? LOCUM
One confining another CAPTOR
Pasta strings SPAGHETTI
Photograph ruined SHOT
Pit worker given a large fizzy drink MINERAL
Poor clarets and red SCARLET
Put on payroll EMPLOY
Release payment RANSOM
Replacement doctor LOCUM
Scottish group good for ringing sound CLANG
Sloshed Stan harbours good or bad feeling ANGST
Throw without an ace in card game CANASTA
Use English tactic to trap millions EMPLOY
Vibrant colour SCARLET
Why one sees red inside Range Rover? ANGER
Wide vista PANORAMA
Word opposite in meaning ANTONYM