The Washington Post - Apr 10 2021

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Clues Answers
'Go, me!' BOOYA
'Silent Spring' subj DDT
'The Bathers' artist RENOIR
10th-century Holy Roman emperor OTTOI
1981 hit known for its drum break INTHEAIRTONIGHT
Act stingily SCRIMP
Argument-ending words ISAIDSO
Aromatic neckwear LEI
Autumn colors RUSTS
Baja resort CABO
Begrudge RESENT
Bent on victory INITTOWINIT
Big wheels? LIMOS
Bks. in a set VOLS
Breads sometimes served with meze PITAS
Brit's car hood BONNET
Calendario square DIA
Carlisle of the Go-Go's BELINDA
Come to AWAKEN
Comic-Con event PANEL
Competitive event RACE
Current moment NONCE
Deltoid-working exercise PRESS
Fluffy herder COLLIE
George Harrison played one in 'Norwegian Wood' SITAR
Gilbert and Sullivan operetta that satirizes Parliament IOLANTHE
Gone from the table EATEN
How Gregorian chants are sung INUNISON
Impolite look STARE
Is in the past? WAS
It's about 950 miles north of LAX SEATAC
Kind of bird Blu is in the 2011 movie 'Rio' MACAW
Like Romantic music TONAL
Clues Answers
Lorenzo who sponsored Michelangelo DEMEDICI
Makeup of some facial masks MUD
Manicure layer BASECOAT
Many a Snapchat user TEEN
Many profile portraits SILHOUETTES
Mate-related SPOUSAL
Middle of dinner? ENS
More affordable, perhaps ONSALE
Muscly Chevy CAMARO
No-holds-barred happening MELEE
Nocturnal carnivore HYENA
Out of control GONEWILD
Panache ELAN
Plans for losers? DIETS
Point B, usually END
Pull-out furniture item HIDEABED
Put down DISS
Ready to blow IRATE
Relevant ONPOINT
Response to huge applause, maybe ENCORE
SAT prep topic VOCAB
Seasons, in a way ADDSSALT
Some anti-mob agents TMEN
Sommelier, at times POURER
Sports doc's pic MRI
Spots SEES
Stunned INAWE
Sugar source CANE
Teahouse floor covering TATAMI
Tentative tastes SIPS
This minute, in Tijuana AHORA
Waffle __ CONE
Warren Buffett's birth city OMAHA
Watson's co IBM
Weapon for Buffy STAKE