Universal - Apr 8 2021

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Clues Answers
"In this manner" LIKESO
4,132-mile-long river NILE
Battle plan element TACTIC
Benjamin's love in "The Graduate" ELAINE
Blasting letters TNT
BMW rival AUDI
Boss's boss's boss, perhaps: Abbr CEO
Boy, in Bogota NINO
By way of VIA
Changed, as the Constitution AMENDED
Church affirmation AMEN
Common reaction to dust ACHOO
Common response from a therapist ISEE
Concert worker who kicks out overzealous fans? STANREMOVER
Construction site sight CRANE
Crew member's need OAR
Department store chain JCPENNEY
Detest ABHOR
Egyptian fertility goddess ISIS
End of many a hotel name INN
Fat removal procedure, briefly LIPO
Fill, as a truck LOAD
Grand Canyon viewing location RIM
Hydrox competitor OREO
It may be metropolitan AREA
Jacob's brother ESAU
Kung ___ chicken PAO
Landed ALIT
Later than AFTER
Lessen, like a burden EASE
Little whirlpools EDDIES
Lose steam TIRE
Md. athlete TERP
Meat at an omelet bar HAM
Mine, in Marseille AMOI
Clues Answers
More weird EERIER
Motionless INERT
Motivated INSPIRED
Number within "loneliest" ONE
Nyets, in New York NOS
Off the ground MIDAIR
Office fill-in TEMP
One may have a hole for a straw LID
Overthink, maybe READINTO
Peace activist Yoko ONO
Pentagon org DOD
Philadelphia-to-Albany dir NNE
Prez who served in WWII IKE
Recovering from surgery, informally POSTOP
Result of a cereal factory malfunction? BRANSTORM
See 64-Across EYEOUT
Sheep enclosures PENS
Sign for the superstitious OMEN
Sister of Venus SERENA
Sixteenth of a pound OUNCE
Sound systems STEREOS
Stop meeting indefinitely ADJOURN
Stranded by a winter storm ICEDIN
Stubbornly demand INSIST
The moon's ___ of Tranquility SEA
Thinker's counterpart? DOER
Touch of rouge DAB
Umbrella that isn't designed to keep you dry PARASOL
Wedding dessert CAKE
Wedding dessert layer TIER
What chickens come home to do, in a saying ROOST
With 67-Across, stay alert (for) ... and a phonetic theme hint KEEPAN
Word with "reading" or "oil" PALM
___ Aviv TEL
___ center (community space) REC
___ sighting UFO
___-a-brac BRIC