The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 28,414 - Apr 8 2021

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Clues Answers
'Stuff it!' — Queen unhappily entertaining Johnson EQUIPMENT
An achievement, of course — yes, picked up a good looker EAGLEEYE
An animal in bed (one having taken Viagra finally) COATI
Child one is longing to lift up to secure access to Santa? CHIMNEYPOT
Crooked aristocrat caught — one beyond redemption WRITEOFF
Deal inappropriately with the Wolverine State MISHANDLE
Finishing early, read up on boss STUD
Fury over Rex playing a stage villain VIRAGO
He's out, free to work where 8 is HOUSETOP
Heading off, one subsidising fellow journalist short of fare UNDERFED
It should be paid daily (gets 50% off) CHARGE
Left with broken heart — man you dumped not wanting to do anything LETHARGY
Little boy is holding it PETITE
Main treatment centre HOSPITALSHIP
Clues Answers
Mysterious travellers returned from occupying country UFOS
Not on — Telegraph, evidently worried, showed sign of panic HYPERVENTILATED
Position not conducive to firing CO? HALFCOCK
Presenter short, so had to show up HOST
Repeat right away what's left ESTATE
Rows in Costa following this order ALTERCATIONS
Runs through a tunnel breaking out (not yet discovered) UNLEARNT
Spoils look of tin-openers LOOT
Strangely resonant — it is loud STENTORIAN
Suddenly got nasty with a small number TURNEDON
Time, perhaps, Hamlet returned? So it is TRAGIC
Vice squad heartily entertained — say no more! CLAMUP
When there's no actual fighting, he's great in the gym PEACE