Wall Street Journal - Apr 8 2021 - Switch Hitters

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Clues Answers
“Semper Fortis” org USN
“Shall we?” reply LETS
“Ta-ta” from a texter TTYL
“Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation” author Bill NYE
Abs strengtheners PLANKS
Arabian Peninsula port ADEN
Around CIRCA
Bad blood ENMITY
Beast with a beard GNU
Brian of Roxy Music ENO
Brought low ABASED
Classic skyscraper figure KONG
Classico competitor RAGU
Cobbler’s tool AWL
Colleague of Sonia and Stephen ELENA
Company newbie HIREE
Cost, informally DAMAGE
Cross seen in hieroglyphics ANKH
Cutting comment DIG
Depends on TRUSTSIN
Doorman’s protector AWNING
Drainage area BASIN
Enter via osmosis SEEPIN
Fairway position LIE
Fighting Tigers’ sch LSU
Flip your lid? BLINK
Future field RAP
Gangster’s heat GAT
Go after a fly SWAT
Goalie gear PADS
Great buy on some facial hair? STUBBLEDEAL
Hair hider DORAG
Included in an email chain CCED
Inflation cause AIR
Invoice line NET
Is wild about ADORES
Clues Answers
It might help you catch some rays SPEARGUN
It’s about 130 miles north-northwest of Anchorage DENALI
Italian vandals? ROMEHUNS
Lacking skill in POORAT
Laugh maniacally CACKLE
Like fairways MOWN
Lines at the movie SCRIPT
Little Boy, e.g ABOMB
Luke’s mentor OBIWAN
Made the scene CAME
Met, as a challenge ROSETO
Noah of “ER” WYLE
Patsy’s plaint IWASHAD
Pie fight among pastry chefs? BAKINGBRAWL
Plenty ALOT
Pocket protector? MISER
Put away ATE
Queen Victoria’s favorite prime minister DISRAELI
Quite smooth PAT
Render speechless AWE
Retreats LAIRS
Revise AMEND
River near Balmoral Castle DEE
Sandwich choice in a Colombian city? CALIWRAP
Some Little League coaches DADS
Somewhat ABIT
Spot to get clean REHAB
Stash seizer NARC
Sultana, e.g RAISIN
Summer hours in Chi CDT
Tailor out the door? PARTINGSTITCHER
United ASONE
Unwelcome look LEER
Wii ancestor NES
Wolf’s territory? CNN
Words with huff, hurry or heartbeat INA
Younger sister of Olga and Masha IRINA