Universal - Apr 7 2021

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Clues Answers
"... ___ lack thereof" ORA
"Fancy meeting you here!" OHHELLO
"Moby-Dick" captain AHAB
"No ifs, ands or ___!" BUTS
"That's incorrect!" NOTSO
"Their Eyes Were Watching God" author HURSTON
"Turn up the heat!" BRR
"Yes," to a sailor AYE
*Political spending on pet projects (note letters 5 to 7 in this answer) PORKBARREL
*With part of 32-Across and all of 27-Across, American Red Cross founder CLARA
*With part of 50-Across and all of 40-Across, expelled from legal practice DIS
*With part of 72-Across and all of 61-Across, "It's quite dark!" ICAN
According to PER
Actress Witherspoon REESE
Ancient market AGORA
Anticipate WAITFOR
Artisans' online shops ETSYSTORES
As well ALSO
Biblical birthright seller ESAU
By means of USING
Caribou relative ELK
Cartoon frame CEL
Cleaning instructions' location TAG
Cohort before Gen Y XERS
Crowd around, as a celebrity MOB
Cry in a popular card game UNO
Dadaist Jean ARP
Diamonds, in slang ICE
Dishwasher sound SLOSH
EMT's specialty CPR
Examines, as a crystal ball PEERSINTO
Flag pin's place LAPEL
Flow back EBB
German article DER
Give a mean look SNEERAT
Greet a monarch BOW
Heavy weight TON
Hit show initials SRO
Clues Answers
Hot-and-cold dessert PIEALAMODE
Issa of "Awkward Black Girl" RAE
Judge Lance ITO
Latke topping APPLESAUCE
Leaders of small colonies? QUEENANTS
LeBron James' org NBA
Living room piece SETTEE
Main color on China's flag RED
Meal with a special plate SEDER
Most paranormal EERIEST
Muslim sect SHIA
Nasdaq debut IPO
Not ___ an eye BAT
One may be erasable PEN
Palme ___ (Cannes award) DOR
Parisian palace ELYSEE
Proof letters QED
Protestant work ___ ETHIC
Province by N.Y ONT
RB's gains YDS
Repeating exactly ECHOING
Romantic introduction? NEO
Salad basics GREENS
Show, as one's teeth BARE
Six Flags draws RIDES
Small islands CAYS
Some cross aves STS
Some wood cutters RIPSAWS
Take the chance DARE
Targets of certain combs LICE
The ugly duckling, eventually SWAN
They start and end on low notes BASSES
Three-layer cookie OREO
Toymaker for Santa ELF
Utter SAY
Whom "everybody loves" RAYBARONE
Without erotic attraction, say ASEXUAL
___ Geo Wild NAT