- Apr 7 2021

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Clues Answers
''For goodness __!'' SAKE
''Green thumb'' or ''white elephant'' IDIOM
''Grilled'' sandwich filling CHEESE
''Mamma __!'' MIA
''Sting like a bee'' boxer ALI
''This porridge __ hot!'' ISTOO
''Unlimited'' mobile phone plan TALKTEXTANDDATA
''Unlimited'' morning meal BREAKFASTBUFFET
''Unlimited'' rail pass offering TRAINTRAVEL
African country on Lake Victoria UGANDA
Barely passing grade DEE
Become well again HEAL
Bewitch HEX
Branch of a religion SECT
Brush-__ (rude snubs) OFFS
Car from Korea KIA
Coin of Denmark KRONE
Coins for Germans and Greeks EUROS
Cross home plate SCORE
Cry of discovery AHA
Donkey ASS
Droops SAGS
Early afternoon hour ONE
Energy, informally PEP
Feathered symbol of wisdom OWL
Feedbag meal OATS
Fish eggs in sushi ROE
Flash-drive port USB
Genesis twin ESAU
Gulf Coast Florida city TAMPA
Hammer's target NAIL
Horse-stopping shout WHOA
Huge ocean surge TIDALWAVE
Idolizes ADORES
In the know AWARE
Island off Cape Cod NANTUCKET
Jazzy wind instrument SAX
Lavish meal FEAST
Line on a dinner receipt TIP
Clues Answers
Lost person's question WHEREAMI
Mail destination: Abbr ADDR
Massages RUBS
Math proportions RATIOS
Melt together, as metals FUSE
Noteworthy time ERA
Ohio tire city AKRON
Open to advice AMENABLE
Out of neutral, as an auto INGEAR
Peculiar ODD
Physicians' org AMA
Play a trick on DUPE
Poem of praise ODE
Point opposite WSW ENE
Postpaid enclosure: Abbr SASE
Product's name BRAND
Protrudes BULGES
Remove a disguise from UNMASK
San Antonio attraction ALAMO
Scary dinosaur, for short TREX
Second-level strategy PLANB
Sharp scolding EARFUL
Sign fraudulently FORGE
Since ASOF
Soup cookware POT
Spanish snooze SIESTA
Spanish water AGUA
Spoken aloud ORAL
Storage device for binge watchers: Abbr DVR
Texter's #1 pal BFF
The latest happenings NEWS
Took a bite of TASTED
Tot of the '50s BOOMER
Touch on the shoulder TAP
Turn sharply and suddenly SWERVE
University URL ender EDU
Use finger paint SMEAR
Vehicle on snow SLED
Washstand pitchers EWERS