The Sun - Two Speed - Apr 7 2021

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Clues Answers
Admission from fool outside cold church ACCESS
Aeroplane wing part AILERON
Ardent EAGER
Black boxer, the greatest in island BALI
Blood component PLASMA
Building material SANDSTONE
Clare's so playing the game LACROSSE
Clarinet part from conservatoire educator REED
Deceptive alien, or aircraft controller? AILERON
Eager or zealous AVID
Enduringly popular EVERGREEN
Enthusiastic female singer turned up AVID
Essence NATURE
Excellent singer finally in tune AIR
Finish Spurs nightmare EGGSHELL
Graduate doctor loves woody grass BAMBOO
Have chat where one leaves tree CONFER
Hitch SNAG
In Bhopal a momentous mission ALAMO
Indonesian resort BALI
Infantryman SOLDIER
Irate man, drunken soak MARINATE
Keen to get on, engaged by monarch EAGER
Kind disposition NATURE
Clues Answers
Landlord's agent BAILIFF
Large northern deer MOOSE
Laurel say remaining fresh and vital EVERGREEN
Loser at Waterloo NAPOLEON
Male name ERNEST
Male with cunning and courage HEART
Melody AIR
Metals causing difficulty SNAG
Military sort prepared sild and roe SOLDIER
Musical work: Farewell to Prison? CANTATA
Narrowly defeat Dickensian hero PIP
Netted sticks sport LACROSSE
Official in trouble breaking strike BAILIFF
Panda food BAMBOO
Permission to enter ACCESS
Philip Pirrip PIP
Resent sloshed Hemingway? ERNEST
Rock fans nod assent SANDSTONE
Ruler on plane sick having eaten duck NAPOLEON
Runs from bad-tempered elk MOOSE
Sort of TV, large, dad's mum keeps PLASMA
Steep as meat MARINATE
Texan landmark ALAMO
Translucent porcelain EGGSHELL
Vocal piece CANTATA
Woodwind instrument REED