Irish Times (Crosaire) - Apr 7 2021

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Clues Answers
A fair amount of time involved in travelling to Nantes for those not necessarily welcomed? ATTENTIONS
A French chaise longue with fourth and fifth panel switched? Bother! UNSETTLE
American relative loses the head inside the hostelry in Blitz BOMB
Begrudge press agent releasing gasp RESENT
Build complex with new capital DUBLIN
Comes between volatile sides in The Apprentice with energy that's endless INTERVENES
Consumers wind-up those taking drugs ENDUSERS
Corner for Oriental good books and music ENTRAP
Drive a wedge between foreigner and partner heading off ALIENATE
Frame from feature film is absolutely useless FUTILE
Has natural ability to nose? INSTINCT
Hurry up and put your foot down STEPONIT
Ignore criminal quarter REGION
Jog someone's memory of short dress in vermillion REMIND
Clues Answers
King Alfred rejects severe criticism FLAK
Old Wesley is in the red? OWES
Origins of spy and detective SEEDS
Provoke dietician disregarding aid release aid INCITE
Put your feet up and don't say no to a piece of cake TAKEITEASY
Racer ran away from break-in BIKE
Recollects unprocessed small joints - the types associated with the marines going to work WARSHIPS
Sample of microbes tested in the cream BEST
Some cartel all over the place? They've missed the boat! LATECOMERS
The bit of evidence of what's odd in culture? CLUE
They take over from loan sharks around port USURPERS
To a degree, article is on gear? On the contrary! QUITETHEREVERSE
Turns one's back on piano out of desperation DESERT
Turns up, Vitamin found in bread means nothing in terms of a botanical classification LINNAEAN