Universal - Apr 6 2021

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Clues Answers
"Mission Impossible" protagonist Hunt ETHAN
"Now it's clear" ISEE
"Relax, soldier!" ATEASE
"Snowden" org NSA
"Stop pretending!" ... or a hint to answering each starred clue DROPTHEACT
"This ___ take long!" WONT
*Bathroom surface TACTILE
*Flushed REDACT
*Misplace LACTOSE
*Supporting FACTOR
*Tag sale task PRACTICING
Al ___ (not too soft) DENTE
Ancient Greek instrument LYRE
Avoids a punch, perhaps DUCKS
Aware of, slangily HIPTO
Braff who co-hosts "Fake Doctors, Real Friends" ZACH
Carve in granite ETCH
Clenched hands FISTS
Costumed figure at a game MASCOT
Crafty plan SCHEME
Deg. for one working on fillings DDS
Destiny FATE
Determined to do SETON
Egg cells OVA
Encyclopedic range of knowledge? ATOZ
Far from fresh ROTTEN
Frigid ICY
Fully processed DIGESTED
German peak ALP
Grasped HELD
Have a meal without cooking? EATRAW
Herculean work LABOR
Hertz alternative AVIS
Hollywood statuette OSCAR
Identify NAME
Igneous rock source LAVA
Invite over the threshold ASKIN
Clues Answers
Kama ___ SUTRA
Keg part TAP
Long journey TREK
Long-running forensic series CSI
Makes sopping wet SOAKS
Melt, like a candle DRIP
Nickname that drops "art" STU
NPR's URL ending ORG
On a winning streak HOT
Org. for Lions and Bears NFL
Parcel unit? ACRE
Paving supply TAR
Put into words SAY
Sad notice in the paper, briefly OBIT
Sch. near Washington Square Park NYU
Sicilian peak, for short MTETNA
Soldiers' sets with utensils MESSKITS
Speed for some game highlights SLOMO
Spiked, as punch LACED
Stereotypical cowboy's nickname TEX
Stonehenge structures MONOLITHS
Streaming platform for peterparkTV TWITCH
Sugar maple, for New York STATETREE
Taj Mahal site AGRA
Tea brand with a London Fog Latte flavor TAZO
The end of the English language? ZED
Thin portion SLIVER
Tightly wind COIL
Took a long, hard look PEERED
Treasure hunter's need MAP
Wander (about) GAD
What's being risked STAKE
Where to see sea stars OCEAN
Wonder-full feeling AWE
Word after "in the" or "on the" AIR
Younger sister of Bart LISA
___ Rachel Wood of "Westworld" EVAN