- Apr 6 2021

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Clues Answers
''Please continue . . .'' GOON
''School of thought'' suffix ISM
''What a surprise!'' MYMY
''Where __ I go wrong?'' DID
Airing, as a sitcom ONTV
Amount owed DEBT
Animal dens LAIRS
Animal park ZOO
Apple's music player IPOD
At a tie score EVEN
Big handbag TOTE
Bit of land in an ocean ISLE
Busybody YENTA
Close friends PALS
Cordiality AMITY
Dome-shaped shelter made of snow IGLOO
Exclusive group ELITE
Follow orders OBEY
Former soldiers, for short VETS
Front hall container for rain gear UMBRELLASTAND
Get into clothes DRESS
Give commands to ORDER
Group of songs sung in sequence MEDLEY
Had a meal ATE
Have a quarrel ARGUE
Have the lead role STAR
High-tech beam LASER
Highly skilled in ADEPTAT
Just __ the corner (close by) AROUND
Koran student's faith ISLAM
Light brown color TAN
Looking closely at EYING
Make a mistake ERR
Manicurist's __ board EMERY
Manufactured MADE
Mediocre grade CEE
Motion detector or electric eye SENSOR
Nevada casino city RENO
Clues Answers
Not far away NEAR
Not much paint or lotion ADAB
Online crafts site ETSY
Overturns, as a boat CAPSIZES
People that police ''round up'' first USUALSUSPECTS
Perched upon ATOP
Phrase of denial NOTI
Pitch-perfect INTUNE
Poet's sphere ORB
Point opposite WSW ENE
Prefix for sense NON
Presidential refusal VETO
Scored 100% on ACED
Scornful look SNEER
Self-esteem EGO
Shy away from AVOID
Sneaker or sandal SHOE
Social equal PEER
Spanish finger foods TAPAS
Speed-measuring device RADAR
Story line surprise TWIST
Story that might be ''tall'' TALE
Sunbeams RAYS
Swaying part of a grandfather clock PENDULUM
Tasting like a lemon SOUR
The __ Ranger (Western hero) LONE
Thorny flower named for a hot drink TEAROSE
Went by bus, say RODE
Whitish gemstone OPAL
Without delay, in a memo ASAP
Wrongdoing that can't be forgiven UNPARDONABLESIN
Yearly records ANNALS
Yuletide wise trio MAGI
Z __ ''zebra'' ASIN
__ sauce (sushi condiment) SOY
__ Scotia (Canadian province) NOVA
__ the chance (accept eagerly) LEAPAT
__-the-minute (current) UPTO