Family Time - Apr 4 2021

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Clues Answers
"I am ___ amused!" NOT
"Just the Way You ___" ARE
"Squirt" weapon GUN
"___ on Down the Road" EASE
"___ upon a time ..." ONCE
A couple less than a dozen TEN
All the people EVERYONE
Appearing for the first time NEW
Bagel feature HOLE
Be permissive LET
Become exhausted TIRE
Big feature of an elephant EAR
Bring a new person into the department HIRE
Carpeting calculation AREA
Chowder bit CLAM
Church number? HYMN
Close to the ground LOW
Come face-to-face with MEET
Dudes MEN
Femur-tibia joint KNEE
Fill in ___ blank THE
Flower holders VASES
Follower of many moons? AGO
Form spirals COIL
Fowl pole? PERCH
Georgia fruit PEACH
Goes up RISES
Have some peanuts ATE
Hearty dish STEW
In need of liniment SORE
Inauguration Day highlight OATH
It's made of wood TREE
Clues Answers
Like most sports telecasts LIVE
Like pink steak RARE
Like yellow newspapers OLD
Look as if SEEM
Noisemaker in a glass ICE
Not as damp DRIER
Not here THERE
Not hers HIS
Not tied up LOOSE
Number of partridges in a Christmas song ONE
Offspring CHILDREN
Open-handed blow SLAP
Pairs TWOS
Part of some written sentences COMMA
Perfectly correct TRUE
Put to good ___ USE
Quit it STOP
Ruler marking INCH
Sentence makers WORDS
Solicit responses ASK
Some math test answers SUMS
Stops or concludes ENDS
Straightened up NEAT
Stuff for salads or engines OIL
Tape up, as an envelope SEAL
Tom-tom, for one DRUM
Type of agent LITERARY
Type of race with a baton RELAY
Up, on maps NORTH
Was the victor WON
Whirled SPUN
Witnessed SEEN
___ of butter PAT