Universal - Apr 4 2021

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Clues Answers
"Ah, got it" OHOK
"Ended, ___ it begun" (Dickinson) ERE
"Fast Money" network CNBC
"Get outta here!" NOWAY
"Peachy!" NEATO
"Read 'em and ___!" WEEP
"You wish!" HAH
"___ favor" POR
*Genre for The Byrds and The Yardbirds CLASSICROCK
*Hollow support for a raised garden CINDERBLOCK
*Place to hang costumes CLOTHINGRACK
Analogy words ISTO
Apple's "all-in-one for all" IMAC
Apt rhyme for "casino" KENO
Baloney HOOEY
Bank based in the U.K HSBC
Big name in PCs ACER
Bigheaded attribute EGO
California mountains, informally SIERRAS
Capture SNARE
Cartoony "Ouch!" YEOW
Cesar Chavez, notably CHICANO
Charged particles IONS
Cheer at a flamenco show OLE
Chicago airport OHARE
Competitor of AP UPI
Covertly email BCC
Crooked BENT
Deli offerings MEATS
Document that bequeaths things WILL
Drew attention from the star STOLEASCENE
Eat like a bird PECKAT
Emmy winner Waithe LENA
Evian product, in France EAU
Eye of ___ (witches' ingredient) NEWT
Field of expertise AREA
Fraternal group ELKS
Germany's ___ Spiegel DER
Greek god of prophecy APOLLO
Clues Answers
Green or black drink TEA
Gush forth SPEW
Hair-straightening tool HOTCOMB
Invites for a rooftop drink, say ASKSUP
Items that are "right twice a day," and a hint to the word surrounding each starred answer BROKENCLOCKS
Key often pressed frantically ESC
London's Big ___ BEN
Metaphorical bit of appreciation TOKEN
Mireille of "Hanna" ENOS
Mud bath venue SPA
Muscat's country OMAN
One may become a queen but not a king PAWN
Org. for Federer ATP
Place to find ore MINE
Prefix with "tourism" ECO
Premium TV network, for short SHO
Presidential periods, e.g ERAS
Queen in "The Favourite" ANNE
Schemer in "Othello" IAGO
Silverstone of "Clueless" ALICIA
Space drink TANG
Sports venue ARENA
Sturdy tree OAK
Supply with food CATER
Symbols on Twitch EMOTES
Taps gently PATS
Thing to pick, or pick clean BONE
Throw out TOSS
Tokyo currency YEN
Utah ski resort ALTA
Victorious shout IWIN
Video taker, briefly CAM
Violets-blue connector ARE
Wheel cover HUBCAP
Where a spy might seemingly vanish INTOTHINAIR
White House field, for short? POLISCI
Word of agreement AMEN
Zebra giraffe OKAPI
___ & the Gang KOOL