The Washington Post Sunday - Apr 4 2021

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Clues Answers
'A' equivalent, in a list ONE
'Black' or 'top' follower HAT
'Help me out here, buddy' BEAPAL
'Not a clue' GOTME
'Peer Gynt' playwright IBSEN
'Poker Face' singer ___ Gaga LADY
'Put a ___ on it!' LID
'The Boys' actress Moriarty ERIN
'There is another sky' by Emily Dickinson, e.g SONNET
'___ but fair' HARSH
2020 Netflix film about the screenwriter of 'Citizen Kane' MANK
Accumulate excessively HOARD
Activity with asanas YOGA
Area opposite the green TEE
Areas outside big cities, informally BURBS
Article of faith TENET
Athlete's second chance REMATCH
Author Calvino ITALO
Average White Band song that would be apt for the 'Chess' score? PICKUPTHEPIECES
Beatles song that would be apt for the 'Oliver!' score? TWISTANDSHOUT
Become ready to play, as a video game LOAD
Beer-purchasing needs IDS
Bench in a church PEW
Best using cleverness OUTWIT
Biodiverse ecosystem REEF
Black tea from India PEKOE
Blocked arteries' inserts STENTS
Bolivian president ___ Arce LUIS
Brad Paisley song that would be apt for the 'Fame' score? CELEBRITY
Brought back to Hollywood? REMADE
Cap spot KNEE
Catania cash EURO
Catania cash replaced by the 70 Down LIRE
Change the look of REDO
Clarinets' look-alikes OBOES
Cleans a dirty floor MOPS
CNN International anchor Church ROSEMARY
Comes back RETURNS
Contact on one's phone TEXT
Cookout rocks COALS
Cool & ___ (hip-hop production duo) DRE
Crouch in terror COWER
Cryptogram solver's skill LOGIC
Deanna who graduated from Starfleet Academy TROI
Delegate, as tasks ASSIGN
Destiny KARMA
Detects, as noises HEARS
Disney monkey ABU
Dominant figure ALPHADOG
Drink mix associated with space flights TANG
Dry climate succulent ALOE
Eliciting a reaction like 'ooh la la,' say CHIC
Enthusiastically in support of HIGHON
Esteem-powered products? ODES
Evoke, as an emotion AROUSE
Explorer ___ de León PONCE
Fashion designer Dongre ANITA
Fathered a la horses SIRED
Feel great disgust for LOATHE
Fendi or Gucci purchase PURSE
Football coach Parseghian ARA
Foreigner song that would be apt for the 'Frozen' score? COLDASICE
French friend AMI
George Thorogood and the Destroyers song that would be apt for the 'Wicked' score? BADTOTHEBONE
Get clean, with 'up' FRESHEN
Go as low as STOOPTO
Grenade substance TNT
Guarantee ENSURE
Have a loan from OWETO
Hindu honorific SRI
Holmes of 'Coda' KATIE
Huge but vague number ATON
Clues Answers
Hydrocarbon involved in the ripening of fruits ETHENE
In the center of AMIDST
Irritate with insults TEASE
Issue addressed by a troubleshooting guide ERROR
James Brown song that would be apt for the 'Once' score? THEREWASATIME
John Wick, e.g., or an enemy of John Wick HITMAN
Jones with the album 'Feels Like Home' NORAH
Kacey Musgraves song that would be apt for the 'Carousel' score? MERRYGOROUND
Keep concealed, as a scandal HUSHUP
Lacking, with 'of' DEVOID
Ledger of 'The Dark Knight' HEATH
Like an alliance of seemingly antagonistic groups UNHOLY
Lindsay's character in 'Mean Girls' CADY
Loosefitting gown NIGHTIE
Luau instrument, briefly UKE
Major or minor, e.g NOUN
Man's name that rhymes with Seamus AMOS
Metal cup material TIN
Mike who coached the Chicago Bears to a Super Bowl title DITKA
Milky ___ WAY
NBA Hall of Famer Iverson or Ray ALLEN
Noble descendant SCION
Not showing nervousness CALM
Nude scene? ART
Nutella container JAR
Of Montreal or Berlin, e.g BANDNAME
Of the peninsula by the Persian Gulf ARABIAN
Org. assisted by the cat D.C. in 'Undercover Cat' books FBI
Pale brown shade ECRU
Palindromic sheep EWE
Part of a pop song that often contains the title REFRAIN
Pester, as a puppy does YAPAT
Pink song that would be apt for the 'Anything Goes' score? WHATEVERYOUWANT
Polynesian island resident SAMOAN
Practice boxing SPAR
Prez who received a Pulitzer for 'Profiles in Courage' JFK
Problematic guard of a henhouse, idiomatically FOX
Process for admitting patients INTAKE
Quench SATE
Rainforest snake BOA
Raised, as pigs BRED
Relaxing command ATEASE
Said ''Sup,' say GREETED
Sean who played Simon Tam in 'Serenity' MAHER
See 44 Down PUENTE
Showed the ropes to ORIENTED
Shucked bit of seafood OYSTER
Siberian ___ (tree) ELM
Sites of rites ALTARS
Sites of transported Christmas trees CARROOFS
Smidgen DAB
Smooth and elegant URBANE
Snow day warmer COCOA
Soccer analyst Holden STU
Sound sensed by a jockey NEIGH
Source of playlists ITUNES
Spectacular grade APLUS
Spying org NSA
Stage actress Carrie NYE
Stand-___ (subs) INS
That woman SHE
Those folks THEM
Ticker test, for short ECG
Treeless grassland STEPPE
Type of phone or social media account for one who wants to retain anonymity BURNER
Vividly colored gem mined in Mexico FIREOPAL
Waste area DUMP
With 38 Across, songwriter called the 'King of Latin Music' TITO
___ Lauder ESTEE
___ out (barely make) EKE
___ Paulo SAO
___ the Internet (go viral) BREAK