The Washington Post - Apr 4 2021

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Clues Answers
'Congrats!' KUDOS
'Have __ day!' ANICE
'I Am the Walrus' was one SIDEB
'I've Grown Accustomed __ Face': 'My Fair Lady' song TOHER
'Merci,' in Mainz DANKE
'To __ his own' EACH
'__ you!': fashion compliment ITSSO
1914 Belgian battle river YSER
1948 also-ran DEWEY
Abbr. on a cornerstone ESTD
Aborted, at NASA NOGO
Adams of photography ANSEL
Ailments ILLS
Anchored floats BUOYS
Animated film mermaid ARIEL
Architecture middle name LLOYD
Ark passengers, mostly ANIMALS
Artful dodges RUSES
Baccarat call BANCO
Ball of fire HUMANDYNAMO
Bar codes? LAWS
Bits of work ERGS
Bosox rivals YANKS
Bowl-making tools LATHES
Boxes for drawers? PENCASES
Bright star NOVA
Bring together WED
Broadcasts AIRS
Canal that roughly parallels I-90 in New York ERIE
Causes pain HURTS
Champing at the bit EAGER
Churns up ROILS
City planner's concern URBANGROWTH
City with a notable tower PISA
Climbing vine LIANA
Colorful top ALOHASHIRT
Compressed video format MPEG
Country house VILLA
Critical juncture CUSP
Crofts' partner SEALS
Date component SLASH
Delta deposits SILTS
Drops from the sky RAIN
Edmonton NHLer OILER
Emulated the wealthy LIVEDLARGE
End of the Tour de France FINIS
Falcon's nest AERIE
Fed. food overseer USDA
Figurehead spot PROW
First blank on many forms NAME
Fix, as a printer UNJAM
Former midsize Chevy LUMINA
Gawk at OGLE
Gaza Strip gp PLO
Girl in Byron's 'Don Juan' LEILA
Got big enough for, as oversized clothes GREWINTO
Great Plains natives OTOES
Group of geese a-laying SESTET
Gut course EASYA
Happening now and then OCCASIONAL
Have a meeting of the minds AGREE
Having only length, for short ONED
Honey-do list components ODDJOBS
Hybrid citrus fruit CLEMENTINE
Incendiary fuel NAPALM
Iowa college town AMES
It means nothing to the French RIEN
Kind of offer that avoids financing ALLCASH
Clues Answers
Like most 20th-century phone calls DIALED
Like much jewelry, in ads FINEQUALITY
Like some FBI security scans RETINAL
Like some medical care INHOME
Like some prophets FALSE
Limerick neighbor CLARE
Lines on Google Maps: Abbr RTES
Longtime Cracker Jack prize TOY
Mandel of 'America's Got Talent' HOWIE
Mario Bros. console NES
Maroon, in a way ENISLE
Marriage phrase from the Book of Common Prayer TILDEATHDOUSPART
Meager characteristic SPARSENESS
Miley's Montana HANNAH
Monets, Manets, etc IMPRESSIONISTART
Move lightly FLIT
Muppet chimp __ Minella SAL
Not as much as LESSTHAN
Not quite true? ATILT
Oddball WEIRDO
Old-time anesthetic ETHER
One of Nolan Ryan's seven NOHITTER
One that's worn on road trips TIRE
One wielding an ax? FIRER
Ones who have class STUDENTS
Oz traveler LION
Palace prankster JESTER
Paltry MERE
Parlor furniture support SOFALEG
Part of 32-Down TRANS
Pass on RELAY
Potty opening? PORTA
Prefix with grade CENTI
Pride initialism LGBTQ
Prom invitation CARETODANCE
Prynne's scarlet stigma LETTERA
Quantum events? LEAPS
Quiet laugh TEHEE
Quinn of 'Elementary' AIDAN
Radii neighbors ULNAE
Rarely used antonym of disheveled KEMPT
Reps' rivals DEMS
Rights activist Clooney AMAL
Sacred struggles JIHADS
Santa __ winds ANA
Sass LIP
Second AIDE
Secure, with 'down' TIE
Seis y dos OCHO
Small grievances NITS
Small part of a big hand CLAP
Small size PETITE
Snack often eaten inside-out OREO
Soft palate extension UVULA
Spam holders TINS
Spreadsheet unit CELL
Steak __ DIANE
Support for an injured limb SLING
Terse rejection UMNO
They show off pedicures OPENTOES
Trout __: nutty fish dish AMANDINE
Turn over CEDE
Uruguay's __ del Este PUNTA
Was in the running for HADASHOTAT
Whalers' wheels HELMS
Word new fathers love to hear DADA
__ Ababa ADDIS