The Washington Post - Apr 3 2021

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Clues Answers
Activity cube user TOT
Annual coronation event SENIORPROM
Area where skateboarding likely originated, briefly SOCAL
Arena for the stars OUTERSPACE
Armageddons ENDTIMES
Arrive by car, say ROLLUP
Big-screen TV site DEN
Buckets or barrels ATON
Call from a brooder CHEEP
Captured soundly? AUDIOTAPED
City on the Skunk AMES
Competitor who's over the hump? CAMELRACER
Croquetas or caracoles TAPAS
Directed RAN
Fabulist's work TALE
Failed to uphold RENEGEDON
Fashion MODE
Figure eight, in tango parlance OCHO
Film genre for Shyamalan's 'The Happening' ECOHORROR
Getting better ONTHEMEND
Gorilla researcher Fossey DIAN
Hardly promising GRIM
Harry Potter love interest Cho __ CHANG
Impressive displays PANOPLIES
Independent __ CONTRACTOR
Intangible quality AURA
Isle off the Sorrento Peninsula CAPRI
It forms igneous rock MAGMA
Large volume TOME
Larva that attacks Valentine's Day plants ROSESLUG
Let the air out of PUNCTURED
Clues Answers
Make a typo ... or miss one ERR
Microsoft co-founder Allen PAUL
Milwaukee draft pick? PABST
Much less LETALONE
Norm-challenging EDGY
One may be planted on a cheek PECK
One may get rubbed out GENIE
One obsessed with guns? GYMRAT
One who gets famous just for kicks? SOCCERSTAR
Out of a job, perhaps?: Abbr RETD
Perception GRASP
Prepare to talk to a tyke, maybe KNEEL
Prepared SET
Ran playfully SCAMPERED
Reaction that can be grateful or sarcastic THANKSALOT
Rest for a bit NOD
Retiring groups? PITCREWS
Role in the Monteverdi opera 'The Coronation of Poppaea' NERO
See 47-Across NAG
Setting of van Gogh's 'Café Terrace at Night' ARLES
Site of the HQ of five major sports NYC
South Bend suburb ELKHART
Stop shooting WRAP
Surprising sound BOO
Transport service for the disabled DIALARIDE
Trivia site PUB
Turning part ROTOR
Use sound to get around ECHOLOCATE
Utensil in Valencian cooking PAELLAPAN
Volunteer's words ICAN
Walk-in clinic focus URGENTCARE
With 42-Down, unlikely racetrack pick OLD
__ fly POP