Irish Times (Simplex) - Apr 3 2021

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Clues Answers
''... Curtain'' (Hitchcock thriller) TORN
''Tristan and ...'' (Wagner opera) ISOLDE
American brand of car CADILLAC
Belonging to them THEIRS
Bird with large bill with a pouch for fish PELICAN
Bring back to life REVIVE
Bring into existence CREATE
Bring up the salary increase RAISE
Curiously, Dan and Eva are in the US state NEVADA
Cuts off or separates SEVERS
Each and all EVERY
Fails to win or mislays LOSES
Forms a layer over COVERS
French port CALAIS
Gave a prize to AWARDED
Marked mail with its destination ADDRESSED
Measure of a surface AREA
Narrow steep-sided valleys RAVINES
Clues Answers
One only SINGLE
Option, alternative CHOICE
Partly open AJAR
Periods before nightfall EVENINGS
Physical force VIOLENCE
Plant that lives and dies within a year ANNUAL
Relating to groups with common customs ETHNIC
Relieved an itch SCRATCHED
Restore to working condition REPAIR
Shaped like a cross CRUCIFORM
Sketches or drafts DRAWINGS
Small light boats CANOES
Small sponge cake, Proust's memory trigger MADELEINE
Spring back in horror RECOIL
State of perfect bliss ECSTASY
Superlatively bad WORST
Unable to find the way LOST
Without let or hindrance FREELY