USA Today - May 4 2021

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Clues Answers
'Couldn't tell ya' NOTACLUE
'Couldn't tell ya' DUNNO
'Haven't gotten any updates' NONEWS
'I wanna learn!' TEACHME
'In the Balance of Power' author ___ H. Ali OMAR
'Oy ___!' VEY
'That sounds potentially terrible' UHOH
'That's terrible!' OHNO
'___ you sure?' ARE
Aretha Franklin always carried hers on stage PURSE
Batteries smaller than Cs AAS
Bit of personal news LIFEUPDATE
Boat-rowing tool OAR
Breadmaker's creation LOAF
Buckeye State resident OHIOAN
Butter-making device CHURN
Connections BONDS
Dangle LOLL
Deities GODS
Drew idly DOODLED
Evening views SUNSETS
Fannie ___ Hamer LOU
Fantasy creature with pointy ears ELF
Female deer DOE
Fight back REBEL
Firmly in place, like a tree ROOTED
Fizzy drink SODA
Future lawyer's exam LSAT
Gestures of agreement NODS
Gets some more mileage out of REUSES
Group that might organize a work stoppage LABORUNION
Handball, for example SPORT
International soccer competition WORLDCUP
Laptops, e.g PCS
Lead-in to a rumor IHEARD
Like some beards SCRUFFY
Lip of a cup RIM
Clues Answers
Making higher, like a price DRIVINGUP
Melee in which feathers fly PILLOWFIGHT
Mound built by worker insects ANTHILL
Moving rental VAN
Moving rentals UHAULS
Narrow waterway STRAIT
Nonfiction movies, for short DOCS
Normal USUAL
Not let go of CLINGTO
Not super outgoing SHY
Pastries that are often triangular SCONES
Physical music releases CDS
Place for a cat flap DOOR
Prefix for 'binary' NON
Sacred garment for a healing dance JINGLEDRESS
Sapphire, for example GEM
Sch. in Chapel Hill UNC
See-through CLEAR
Singer Diamond SHEA
Sound of keys on a keyring JANGLE
Sprinted RAN
Stats for students GPAS
Steamy spa rooms SAUNAS
The Nap Ministry focus REST
This clue's number divided by IV VII
Three times three NINE
Transmits SENDS
Vietnamese New Year TET
Weight training builds them MUSCLES
What kilograms are a measure of MASS
William Dorsey ___ SWANN
Wily SLY
Word after 'cruise' or 'rent' CONTROL
___ headache SINUS
___ on the side of caution ERR
___ Tome and Principe SAO