- Apr 2 2021

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Clues Answers
''Follow me!'' CMON
''No telling'' assurance ICANKEEPASECRET
''No telling'' assurance MYLIPSARESEALED
''Salida del sol'' direction ESTE
''That smarts, that smarts!'' OWOW
'50s song syllable SHA
A mile a minute SIXTY
Aerial enigmas UFOS
Annual milestone, for short BDAY
Archaeology prefix PALEO
Be good for SUIT
Big hair AFRO
Boatman of myth CHARON
Boba __ (''Star Wars'' series bounty hunter) FETT
Boost by ballyhoo HYPE
Burns softly GLOWS
Cast off EMIT
Chase away SHOO
Chorus of dissent NOS
Common beach policy NOPETS
Cover, as hoods ABET
Cross of whodunits ALEX
Doc bloc AMA
Edible ''coat'' anagram TACO
Eggnog additive MACE
Either ''Hail, Caesar!'' director COEN
End of a Steinbeck title MEN
English Channel island GUERNSEY
Finds a new tenant for RELETS
Fume without release SEETHE
Generous portion SLAB
Govt. attorney specialty USLAW
Govt.-backed investment TNOTE
Great dexterity EASE
Hip-hop dude BBOY
Illegal actions JOBS
Impress, not intangibly STAMP
Inscribe permanently ETCH
Clues Answers
It's always something NOUN
Legendary loch NESS
Marina occupant SLOOP
Minor anomaly BLIP
Nearly spill over BRIM
New parents' alternative for Sara SHARI
Noel name KRIS
Not quite all MUCHOF
Novel conclusion ETTE
Nudge with a finger POKEAT
Packer's need TAPE
Political damage control SPIN
Real-time LIVE
Rueful comment ALAS
Seiko's printer brand EPSON
Sheet music credit LYRICS
Smart device IPHONE
Smirnoff rival STOLI
Sorority letter THETA
Station for a T.Sgt AFB
Storied speedy slacker HARE
Suffix for smack EROO
Sushi tuna AHI
Tap lineup ALES
Turkey side with marshmallows YAMS
Up-and-coming energy source SOL
Violin stroke UPBOW
Virtual craft center ETSY
Votes (for) OPTS
Wall support STUD
With 42-Across, ''no telling'' assurance JUSTTHETWOOFUS
Words of inexactitude ORSO
World Bank headquarters USA
World Oil Outlook publisher OPEC
Yesteryear YORE