The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,619 - Apr 1 2021

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Clues Answers
& 23 Down Sweet Nellie, pursuing undesirable member of group GOOSEBERRY
23's bullet? DUMDUM
23's nervous carrying weight on the climb DIMWIT
Accident on the ropes, say, in 'Pinafore'? GYMSLIP
Arrangements for imprisonment confine a large, sadly deserted family PENALSYSTEM
Author arguing about ending of novel ROWLING
Baffled US agent leaving for 23 LUMMOX
Cuddly toys gad about in posh car RAGDOLLS
Dad's resistance is spent, getting notice for 23 FATHEAD
Deals grass shiftily -- kilo wrapped as shown in Polaroids? DARKGLASSES
Deviated from route winding through heart of Puy-de-Dome DETOURED
Flourished with unknown as stopgap leader, then surrendered YIELDED
Friend ended some Gallic 'prickly affairs' PALOVERDES
Hat back-to-front, girl in predicament DILEMMA
Clues Answers
Lively member joining in a student run out ALLEGRO
Mother mounting missing diamonds in decoration DAMASCENING
Port of New Orleans SALERNO
Protestant grouping acquires base in 23 DUPE
Rig agendas cunningly and increase power AGGRANDISE
See 12 Down FOOL
Split appearing among upwardly mobile Microsoft Fellows LEFT
Sticky stuff's fine for 23 GOOF
Swatch of satin initially rather bulky SAMPLE
Violent floods disrupting calm is when unsuspecting victims are caught out ALLFOOLSDAY
We hear you managed one interjection -- that's elemental! URANIUM
Where palms may be found in every direction ONALLHANDS
With balti, I go bananas creating essential accompaniments OBLIGATI
Wrongly under a cloud, due painfully to depart in large vessel CAULDRON