Universal - Mar 31 2021

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Clues Answers
"By Jove!" ISAY
"Colorful" PBS Kids series READINGRAINBOW
"Makes sense to me" ISEE
"Pitfall!" console maker ATARI
1973 martial arts film ENTERTHEDRAGON
Barilla ___-Color Rotini TRI
Body floating in water? HULL
Brazil's second-most populous city, for short RIO
Break fluid? JOE
Bundle of joy BABY
Call the whole thing off ENDIT
Canadian tribe CREE
Chain of bakery-cafes PANERA
Clutches a railing, say GRABSON
Collection of digital currency BITCOINS
Commonly sacrificed chess piece PAWN
Competent ABLE
Corn Belt cylinders SILOS
Country on the Red Sea YEMEN
Double Stuf treat OREO
Eagles hit whose title is sung after "Welcome to the" HOTELCALIFORNIA
Essential ___ acids AMINO
Father of Thor ODIN
Fitzgerald who won many Grammys ELLA
Genesis name? SEGA
Genetic molecule DNA
Himalayas' setting ASIA
Home to Bourbon St NOLA
Individually ONEBYONE
It "wounds all heels" TIME
Japanese entertainer GEISHA
Lantern liquid KEROSENE
Lean slightly TILT
Maze answer PATH
Millennium Falcon flyer Han SOLO
Clues Answers
Modern grocery store freebie WIPE
Nickname that rhymes with "steady" EDDIE
Nocturnal hunter ORION
Nursery rhyme character who "climbed up the waterspout" ITSYBITSYSPIDER
Old TV component TUBE
Ornamental bloomer BEGONIA
Pancake house order STACK
Part of the iPhone 12's display NOTCH
Peak behind a chalet ALP
Piece of marble SLAB
Pounded, like the heart RACED
Realm AREA
Rx overseer FDA
Scissors sound SNIP
Showy display POMP
Shrinking sea ARAL
Snickers purchase BAR
Spanish appetizer TAPA
Spanish cheer OLE
Steeple feature BELL
Steve Martin's instrument BANJO
Substances in perfume ODORANTS
Sunburn soother ALOE
Sushi selection, and a hint to the last words of 20-, 25-, 45- and 51-Across ROLL
Sweeten on the vine RIPEN
Thunderclaps' noises BOOMS
Topknot or bun UPDO
Tupperware top LID
Typical student driver TEEN
Variety of M&Ms MINI
Wail from a cat YOWL
Withering look GLARE
Word heard at an auction GOING
Word with "can" or "Man" TIN
___ cute (rom-com trope) MEET
___ in My Spaghetti (game with a rhyming name) YETI