The Sun - Two Speed - Mar 30 2021

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Clues Answers
Add to men relieving us in August AUGMENT
Ancient AGED
Attempt to secure one pound for hat TRILBY
Be plentiful ABOUND
Bird in boiling rebellion GREBE
Boy on firm covered with great praise ACCOLADE
Call on VISIT
Clever student in Lincoln? ABLE
Competent ABLE
Conceive of ENVISAGE
Dalliance with a b-blonde? AFFAIR
Das Kapital author MARX
Decent being close to target in hunt CHASTE
Does it make clothes hard to wear? STARCH
Eastern leader open to the West RAJA
European trees are rubbish EYEWASH
Formality STARCH
Freeholder OWNER
Giggle where teetotaller in row TITTER
Harm unknown anti-capitalist MARX
Have riches perhaps in a vault ABOUND
Headgear style TRILBY
Imagine one being wise after endless sin ENVISAGE
Immediate INSTANT
In a sense cricket team uneasy ANXIOUS
Clues Answers
Indian prince RAJA
Jerry's content: or making blunder ERROR
Jo's bone broken in plastic surgery NOSEJOB
Keeper first dropped in depressing experience OWNER
Keyboard player ORGANIST
Mature part in teenage diary AGED
Mistake ERROR
Musician right into tango is lively ORGANIST
Natural environment HABITAT
Nervous laugh TITTER
Nonsense EYEWASH
Pure and virtuous CHASTE
Rhinoplasty NOSEJOB
Sailor bitter about boarding ship in films STARWARS
Sci-fi movie series STARWARS
Six to accommodate in short stay VISIT
Song about drinking orange juice that's red RIOJA
Spanish wine region RIOJA
Special honour ACCOLADE
Supplement AUGMENT
Swiss currency FRANC
TNT as in explosive flash INSTANT
Vocally candid in old French capital? FRANC
Waterfowl GREBE
Where one lives a little in Panama? HABITAT