Canadiana - Mar 29 2021

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Clues Answers
"Big Easy" of golf ELS
Accounting pro CA
Birdbrain TWIT
Bit of lingerie BRA
British isle AIT
Bullock OX
Butts RAMS
Cash machine, for short ATM
Check TAB
Circuits LAPS
Common evergreens FIRS
Curler Kelly LAW
Dawn goddess EOS
Deli delight BLT
Distant AFAR
Drunkard SOT
DVD forerunner VCR
Electrical unit, for short AMP
End of a thought for thanksgiving FLOW
European free trade org ECU
Expert WHIZ
Farewell, to Francine ADIEU
Fertilize MARL
Goes beyond EXCEEDS
Gondolier's refrain BARCAROLE
Gotcha! AHA
Highest note on Guido's scale ELA
Hosp. hot spot ER
Household god (Roman) LAR
Impolite RUDE
Inflated AERATED
Kamloops to Vancouver dir SSW
Clues Answers
Klutz CLOD
Last of 26 ZED
Martin or Harper POL
Miracle add on GRO
Moby Dick pursuer AHAB
Musical composition OPUS
Nothing NIL
P. Mansbridge milieu CBC
Part five of a thought for thanksgiving BLESSINGS
Part four of a thought for thanksgiving ALL
Part three of a thought for thanksgiving WHOM
Part two of a thought for thanksgiving FROM
Pinch NIP
Pole vaulter's challenge BAR
Precipice CLIFF
Prefix for centre EPI
River, to Ruiz RIO
Sandpiper REE
Sante or jour preceder BON
Sense of self EGO
Skin soother TALC
Soaked WET
Songbird WREN
Squeeze HUG
Start of a thought for thanksgiving PRAISEGOD
Suspect's necessity ALIBI
Swedish rockers ABBA
Sweet potato YAM
UFO pilot, maybe ET
Vintage, in Vercheres CRU
Wedding words IDO
Yes vote AYE
Young woman GIRL