The Washington Post Sunday - Mar 28 2021

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Clues Answers
'Classic' green shampoo PRELL
'Great' pharaoh who ruled for 66 years RAMSES
'I would never lie to you!' TRUSTME
'Show Boat' writer Ferber EDNA
'Whenever you can fit this into your schedule' NOHURRY
'Yeah, sure' IBET
1915 victim of a German U-boat LUSITANIA
A serious group? AEIOU
Able to vote or drive OFAGE
Assemble hastily RIGUP
At ___ rate ANY
Athlete on a country club staff PRO
Bag brought to the beach TOTE
Ballerinas' skirts TUTUS
Beethoven's '___ to Joy' ODE
Bill in a till ONE
Blokes CHAPS
Blunt directive to close up one's pants? BUTTONTHEFLY
Bowler maker MILLINER
Brand in the potato chips aisle LAYS
Campaign funder, briefly PAC
Captive in a kid's farm ANT
Caregivers in med. centers RNS
Catch GET
Celebratory frame of mind PARTYMOOD
Charlotte ___ (dessert whose invention is often attributed to Czar Alexander I's chef) RUSSE
Che Guevara's trademark headgear BERET
Chewy candy version of a small horse? GUMMYLITTLEPONY
Coasting opportunity in school EASYA
Columnist's space OPED
Crook with Hook in a children's book SMEE
D.C.-to-Boston train service ACELA
Dazed states STUPORS
Device for locating sunken objects SONAR
Don Quixote's mount, e.g NAG
Drifts off for a bit DOZES
Dry and withered SERE
Ed with seven Emmys ASNER
Emotion evoked by the radio broadcast of 'The War of the Worlds' FEAR
Emulate a composer or a painter CREATE
Excellent, in 1990s rap lyrics PHAT
Expires LAPSES
Factoids in a sports recap STATS
Fall short MISS
Few and far between SPARSE
Fire dept. hiree EMT
Folks kicked out of a ballroom competition for foul language? SWEARINGDANCERS
Fort Knox blocks INGOTS
Free (of) RID
French knot or lazy daisy, in embroidery STITCH
Gloomy, weather-wise GRAY
Go for the gold, maybe MINE
Goes kaput DIES
Greenish blue CYAN
Grumpy parents' thought on Christmas Day? TOYSRANKLEUS
Hari Kondabolu documentary 'The Problem With ___' APU
Hired hoodlums GOONS
Huge mythical bird said to carry off elephants ROC
Jared with an Oscar for 'Dallas Buyers Club' LETO
Jewish potato snack KNISH
Joel Coen's brother ETHAN
Joey's refuge POUCH
Larson whose book 'Dead Wake' focuses on the 21 Across ERIK
Lead-in to boy or girl ATTA
Left undamaged SPARED
Let loose UNLEASH
Like most pasta BOILED
Like the phrase 'brand spanking new,' ironically TRITE
Localities AREAS
Clues Answers
Many maternity ward visitors DADS
Mastermind game pieces PEGS
Mediator of the psyche EGO
Medieval Icelandic work EDDA
Minor mistake SLIP
Mount Olympus matriarch HERA
Moves like molasses OOZES
Murky DIM
Mushroom part STEM
Next of kin, often HEIRS
Nile menaces ASPS
Ohio-Ontario divider ERIE
Opera singer Maria Callas, e.g.? LEGENDONAHIGHNOTE
Org. with highs and lows NYSE
Org. with members who have won green jackets PGA
Oscar ___ (nomination) NOD
Ottoman official's title PASHA
Piece of a pizza pie SLICE
Place for some PIN money ATM
Pols like Pelosi DEMS
Pronto, briefly ASAP
Provides with a cover and padding UPHOLSTERS
Pulsate THROB
Quirky ODD
Reason to get a shot FLU
Reply from a pen pal? OINK
Romance down under? KANGAROOCOURTSHIP
Sample of food TASTE
Sci-fi forte ESP
Scorches CHARS
Serves a prison sentence DOESTIME
Shinzo ___, Japan's longest-serving prime minister ABE
Shows one's humanness ERRS
Skirmish FRAY
Sly stratagems RUSES
Small, bumpy-skinned Chinese fruit LYCHEE
Smartly dressed DAPPER
Son of Seth in Genesis ENOS
Source of power for hydroelectric systems RAIN
Spot for a mud bath STY
Spots for first shots TEES
Squabble ARGUE
State firmly ASSERT
States SAYS
Stuck with the same old, same old INARUT
Superlative suffix EST
Swindlers' targets SAPS
Tag line? NOTIT
Tagged along CAME
Tech devices cited among Popular Science's 'Best of What's New' gadgets in 2010 IPADS
Thus far ASYET
Took the plunge, perhaps SWAM
Tourist attraction SIGHT
Traffic stopper SIREN
Tree dweller given to napping and munching all day KOALA
Typical features of Elle or Marie Claire photo shoots? LADIESANDGARMENTS
Unpleasantly bitter ACRID
Wedding participant USHER
Wetlands FENS
What a multicolored flag might symbolize PRIDE
Wheeled server in London TEACART
Word before government or defense SELF
Words of speculation IFSO
Workplace message MEMO
Younger brother of Lucy van Pelt RERUN
Younger brother of Lucy van Pelt LINUS
___ and aahs OOHS
___ Room (site of some White House receptions) EAST
___-Magnon man (old term for early modern humans) CRO