- May 9 2010

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Clues Answers
''Dig me?'' GETIT
''Huh?'' WHAT
''Inter ''__ (among others) ALIA
''Taking Woodstock'' director ANGLEE
''__ Miz'' LES
''__ you kidding?'' ARE
Actor Baldwin ALEC
Analyzed, as statistics CRUNCHED
Androcles' extraction THORN
Annoyed no end ATEAT
Approximately ORSO
Australia's national gemstone OPAL
Author Deighton LEN
Band's travel-crew manager? MAINROADIE
Bank customer: Abbr. ACCT
Bet-taking buffoon? COMICBOOKIE
Book backing SPINE
Born yesterday, so to speak NAIVE
Bread or milk STAPLE
Brink EVE
Brown-and-white cattle breed HEREFORD
Buck or drake MALE
Buying binge SPREE
By surprise ABACK
Camp fare MESS
Cause of a slip, perhaps PEEL
Cheese sandwich MELT
Coal bed SEAM
Comics dog in uniform OTTO
Construction worker SOLDERER
Cooks slowly BRAISES
Cowboy-boot part SPUR
Cranberries source BOG
Crude cartel OPEC
Diggs of ''Rent'' TAYE
Disapproving of ANTI
Do perfectly NAIL
Door ding DENT
Dozens of MANY
Drive-__ window THRU
Dublin college freshman's wear? GREENBEANIE
Duffer's accomplishment? RAREBIRDIE
Enjoyed a mudhole WADED
Excited, with ''up'' AMPED
Facetious ''Who, me?'' MOI
Feathery wraps BOAS
Felt-tip that marks a deck? CARDSHARPIE
Fish-house order SCROD
Four Monopoly props. RRS
Frequent pledge-drive gift TOTE
Frivolous old film? EMPTYTALKIE
Garfield's foil ODIE
Go on a tirade RANT
Gold Coast, today GHANA
Hammer part CLAW
High woodwind OBOE
HS sr.'s exam SAT
Hung around STAYED
Imam's Almighty ALLAH
Indy areas PITS
Infatuated GAGA
It means ''half'' DEMI
John Hancock, notably SIGNEE
Latvia's capital RIGA
Liftoff sensation GFORCE
Like Canada, from Colorado UPNORTH
Like Halloween sounds EERIE
Like Hamelin's piper PIED
Like the Sahara ARID
Links area TEE
Louvre Pyramid architect IMPEI
LP flaw SKIP
Marketing ploy TIEIN
Clues Answers
Matthews of ''Hardball'' CHRIS
Meat-testing org. USDA
Metaphor phrase ISA
Military woman's sleepwear? FORTNIGHTIE
Moolah GELT
Narrow-minded SMALL
Navigation device's suggestion ROUTE
Newly appointed court jester? KINGSROOKIE
Novel sleuth Wolfe NERO
Novi Sad native SERB
Numbered work OPUS
Observatory near San Diego PALOMAR
Old-time ''Listen!'' HARK
One-and-only SOLE
Ones on an illegal 72 Across POACHERS
Paneling feature KNOT
Place alongside APPOSE
Place to hibernate DEN
Place to hibernate LAIR
Places for troughs STIES
Plume source EGRET
Portuguese wine MADEIRA
Pugilistic poet ALI
Puts into words PHRASES
Quaking tree ASPEN
Result of testing tea temperature? HOTPINKIE
Richard of ''Amelia'' GERE
Rushing sound WHOOSH
Safari, perhaps HUNT
Set the pace LED
Shiny fabric SATEEN
Shoe surrounder SHOE
Simile phrase ASA
Slip-on 117 Across MOC
Smack hard SWAT
Some checkers REDS
Sound from Leo ROAR
Stable mothers MARES
Stage item PROP
Staked setup TENT
Still uncommitted SWAYABLE
Stirs up INCITES
Stumbling block CATCH
Suds source SOAP
Supreme Court appointee of '06 ALITO
Take forcibly SEIZE
Takes for granted PRESUMES
Takes to heart HEEDS
Tattle on NAME
Throw a party for HONOR
Time in power REIGN
Toon collectibles CELS
Totally silly INANE
Triple-play trio OUTS
Tyrannical boss OGRE
Ubiquitous mall merchant THEGAP
Vampire chronicler Rice ANNE
Walk heavily TRAMP
Warm greeting KISS
Where Diamond Head is OAHU
White-elephant events SALES
Whittle down PARE
Wine specification SEC
Winks count FORTY
Withhold release of SITON
Woolly male RAM
Worry FRET
Wrapped up with INTO
Yellow shade MAIZE
__ Club (Costco rival) SAMS
__-out clause OPT