L.A. Times Daily - Mar 26 2021

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Clues Answers
"Jeopardy!" name for 36 years ALEX
"Raising Buchanan" star Auberjonois RENE
"Star Wars" droid ARTOO
"__ Alyscamps": van Gogh work LES
Actor Benicio __ Toro DEL
Actress Longoria EVA
Advance LOAN
Alprazolam brand XANAX
Ancient Peruvians INCAS
Ancient sanctuary ARK
At one time FORMERLY
Believes FEELS
Box office take GATE
Brand "choosy moms choose," in ads JIF
Bring back REVIVE
Bully's reply SAYSME
Canon competitor LEICA
Colorful bird TOUCAN
Cracking-up letters ROTFL
Day before Thanksgiving, e.g EVE
Disadvantage CON
Disfigure MAR
Down EAT
Dr. Seuss' real last name GEISEL
Draw in the air AROMA
Earthbound bird EMU
Fancy dance in "A Bug's Life"? FLYBALL
Flexible fastener TWISTTIE
Fountain orders FLOATS
Four-star review, e.g ACCOLADE
French article UNE
Frozen custard chain in 14 states ANDYS
Fruity beverage in "A Bug's Life"? BEETLEJUICE
Garlicky sauces AIOLIS
German article EIN
Good listeners? EARS
Had a bite ATE
Hang out in the sun LETDRY
Clues Answers
Hopping mad IRATE
Irregular ATYPICAL
Italian hot spot ETNA
Land with yaks TIBET
Like a pelvic artery ILIAC
Mail collector INBOX
Meditation sounds OMS
Member of the fam SIS
Merged thespian union AFTRA
Mythological ship ARGO
Nightspot in "A Bug's Life"? CRICKETCLUB
Normandy battle town STLO
Not-so-VIP group DLIST
Org. with an elephant in its logo RNC
Party pro POL
Private __ EYE
Professional copyist SCRIBE
Purse in "A Bug's Life"? FLEABAG
Put down ABASED
Queue in "A Bug's Life"? BEELINE
Rainbows, say ARCS
Recipe info: Abbr AMTS
Sault __ Marie STE
Show fear COWER
Skeleton's place? CLOSET
Stares GAPES
Swallow ACCEPT
Tab, e.g COLA
Tarzan player Ron ELY
They're allowed DOS
Throw __ RUG
Tried to get along MADENICE
Valuable fur SABLE
Veg out LOLL
Winged, perhaps AVIAN
Woolly, say OVINE
__ hall REC