New York Times - Mar 26 2021

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Clues Answers
'Cimarron' novelist Ferber EDNA
'Hold it,' in music TENUTO
'Stop ... don't panic' TAKEADEEPBREATH
'We'll see' IMIGHT
Achieved success GOTFAR
Amazon comedy/drama set in a New Jersey country club in the 1980s REDOAKS
Ancient markets AGORAS
Animator Klasky who co-created 'Rugrats' ARLENE
Assist with some heavy lifting SPOT
Club club, for short PGA
Composer's 'forte' LOUD
Corrects copy EDITS
Darth Vader, e.g SITH
Dermatologist's concern CYST
Distinctive part of a Batman costume EAR
Fifth element, to Aristotle ETHER
Filled in some gaps CAULKED
Gave credit CITED
Give a hand DEALIN
Going amount RATE
Group with a member-centric acronym ABBA
Heart of an academic paper THESISSTATEMENT
Key ___ FOB
Kind of block LEGO
Like a tingly foot, maybe ASLEEP
Like sauces in French cuisine, typically RICH
Loser that loses it, say BADSPORT
Matriarch, for example ELDER
Member of the working class PROLE
Clues Answers
Mower handle? DEERE
Not fast EAT
One with a nest egg HEN
Org. with 1-Across CIA
Org. with 1-Across NSA
Parts of a leak SECRETFILES
Phil Silvers character of 1950s TV SERGEANTBILKO
Place for a hot date? DESERTOASIS
Place to store a weapon SHEATH
Pop around a lot? STAYATHOMEDAD
Provenance of many superheroes STANLEE
Push-up targets, for short TRIS
Reasons WHYS
Restaurateur Zabar ELI
Result of a good pitch SALE
River through the Carolinas PEEDEE
Rolls the dice, say MOVES
Seafarer's patron STELMO
Sound associated with rotten tomatoes SPLAT
Spaces AREAS
Steadiness EVENTENOR
Stravinsky's 'Le ___ du Printemps' SACRE
Stud alternatives HOOPS
They provide added height for a swing TEES
Track PATH
V.P., e.g EXEC
Voluptuary HEDONIST
Warms up the crowd, say OPENS
Water under the bridge? MOAT
What a raised index finger may stand for ONE
Where to find the Whiffenpoofs, who have been singing since 1909 YALE
Zonked OUT
___ zero (status of no unanswered emails) INBOX