Universal - Mar 25 2021

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Clues Answers
"Dig in!" EAT
"H-E-L-P!" SOS
"___ takers?" ANY
*Crispy breakfast bites TATERTOTS
*Give up in despair LOSEHEART
*Patrick, for Ireland PATRONSAINT
*Wild West deputy who was originally a dentist (unscramble each starred answer's first word) DOCHOLLIDAY
1996 film about an Argentine leader EVITA
Adjust the pitch of TUNE
Aired on TV again RERAN
Alan of "Scientific American Frontiers" ALDA
Antonym of "massive" PUNY
Apple pie ___ mode ALA
Attack verbally REVILE
Baby seal PUP
Barn roof devices VANES
Brand with a Buzzy Bee Waffle recipe EGGO
Changes the color of, maybe PAINTS
Citrus drink suffix ADE
Clay and Lacy, to one another? ANAGRAMS
Cloth made from flax LINEN
Continuous noise DIN
Cover, as with chocolate COAT
Creates, as a tattoo INKS
Disappear little by little ERODE
Eyed rudely STAREDAT
Farewell, in France ADIEU
Folk singer Guthrie ARLO
Grayish powder ASH
Head-slapping cry DOH
Hog haven STY
iBeer, for one APP
Incan wool source LLAMA
James Bond's specialty ESPIONAGE
Lake with a spooky-sounding name ERIE
Late SCOTUS legend RBG
Like old jokes STALE
Long-lasting wave, informally PERM
Look closely (at) PEER
Clues Answers
Mistake remover ERASER
No more than ATMOST
Nonverbal OK NOD
NYC opera venue, with "The" MET
Opera piece such as "Dido's Lament" ARIA
Pained expressions GRIMACES
People who are often respected ELDERS
Place for a potted plant LEDGE
Place for relaxing SPA
Places where camels drink OASES
Radiate EMIT
Reduced to grain-sized bits RICED
Reprimand SCOLD
Restaurant boss: Abbr MGR
Reveal the identity of UNMASK
Ride a bike PEDAL
Santa ___ ANA
Separated APART
Some contain many ingredients LISTS
Sometimes-sassy assistant SIRI
Sports venues ARENAS
Sun Devil's sch ASU
Takes a turn for the worse GOESSOUTH
Tell, like a story RELATE
Texter's "I don't want to know!" TMI
The Atlantic, but not The New Yorker OCEAN
Uber alternatives TAXIS
Uncommon RARE
Unenthusiastic reaction MEH
Uprising REVOLT
Vietnam neighbor LAOS
Way in ENTRY
Weaving apparatus LOOM
Windy City trains ELS
Without pause STEADILY
Word after "fire" or "steam" ENGINE
Word between "sorry" and "sorry" NOT
___ legend URBAN
___ Romana PAX