- Mar 25 2021

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Clues Answers
''Family Guy'' mom LOIS
''Now see here . . .'' LOOK
''That's all wrong!'' NONO
A GWB degree MBA
Agile ones in stables POLOPONIES
All right OKAY
Annual Pamplona runners TOROS
Arrangement at the line of scrimmage TFORMATION
Big mouth MAW
Bowls over AWES
Brazen SASSY
Burst onto the scene RANIN
Camel cousin ALPACA
Caribbean island BARBADOS
Caribbean island CAY
Cease and desist order STOPIT
Choral part ALTO
Cologne's river RHINE
Common computer font ARIAL
Country music choreography LINEDANCE
Dairy staples JERSEYCOWS
Deceive, so to speak SNOW
Discard TOSS
Doesn't play SITS
Enjoys immensely EATSUP
Explorer de __ SOTO
Familiar maxim OLDSAW
Five-foot-tall feathery runner EMU
Flour processor SIFTER
How you sound TONE
Huge quantity SCAD
Inner urge YEN
Japanese ''aye'' HAI
Jar closure LID
Letters after CD ROM
Little ones TOTS
Lobster dinner accessories BIBS
Looks villainous SNEERS
Clues Answers
Lots and lots ATON
Love around the Louvre AMOUR
Makes a deal official SIGNS
Manuscript mishap, maybe PAPERCUT
Noble symbol COATOFARMS
Noise from a nest PEEPING
Olive oil amts TSPS
Paella ingredient PEAS
Parlor offering TATTOO
Passport mark STAMP
Restless ITCHY
Ring-shaped cake BUNDT
Road irregularities BUMPS
Running track OVAL
Sch. near the Rio Grande UTEP
Self-evident AXIOMATIC
Sharp criticism JAB
Shot in the dark STAB
Sierra Nevada lake TAHOE
Slanted to the right ITALIC
Small band COMBO
Sob syllable HOO
Sorority letter CHI
Southern region SUNBELT
Spielberg mutiny movie AMISTAD
Stratford's river AVON
Streep, in ''Out of Africa'' DANE
Surmounting UPON
Surmounting ATOP
Tex-__ barbecue MEX
Thin sandwich exterior PITA
Tries to shred TEARSAT
Usual behavior WONT
Veggie burger ingredient TOFU
Very small thing IOTA
Widespread obsession MANIA
__ fides (credentials) BONA