New York Times - Mar 25 2021

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Clues Answers
'It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World' co-star SIDCAESAR
'Quick, get that dog some ___' (old ad slogan) ALPO
'You betcha!' ISUREAM
Ancient Indo-European ARYAN
Area named for gynecologist Ernst Gräfenberg GSPOT
Bit of ink TAT
Boxer's mitt? PAW
Brazilian export ACAI
Brisk pace TROT
Brouhaha STIR
Camelot lady ENID
Carver's tool RASP
China/North Korea border river YALU
Color on the flag of every permanent U.N. Security Council member RED
Composer Rorem NED
Cry made while removing a jacket ITSON
Destination of Finnish mail that's addressed to 'Yhdysvallat' USA
Director Nicolas ROEG
Dispatch, in a way SLAY
Distance between 'some' and 'where' in 'Somewhere over the rainbow' OCTAVE
Division of the Justice Dept ATF
Do some wishful thinking? SETAGOAL
Enter all together PILEIN
Escalate to the extreme GONUCLEAR
Estadio cheer OLE
Five-point rugby play TRY
Flowers that 'in the dooryard bloom'd,' in a Whitman poem LILACS
Fruit that's usually dried before consumption FIG
Get-up-and-go PEP
Go from worse to bad, say ABATE
Got loaded TIEDONEON
Grocery product with orange packaging TANG
Happy states UPS
Harvey of Hollywood KEITEL
Clues Answers
Intruder warning, maybe ARF
Jazz's Mary ___ Williams LOU
Just in case LEST
Knitter's need YARN
Legal cover-up? ROBE
Like horsehair COARSE
Like many Bigfoot photos GRAINY
Mars, for one CANDYBAR
Mat used for judo TATAMI
Most charitable KINDEST
Nick who voices Kuiil on 'The Mandalorian' NOLTE
Now we're in the Phanerozoic one EON
One role for Harriet Tubman in the Civil War SPY
Ooze away SEEPOUT
Opposite of [circled letters] FEASTING
Opposite of [circled letters] WONDERFUL
Opposite of [circled letters] COURTEOUS
Opposite of [circled letters] PRURIENT
Opposite of [circled letters] EFFECTIVE
Opposite of [circled letters] ANIMOSITY
Pest control brand DCON
Prefix with aggression MICRO
Prefix with conscious ECO
Reaction to hilarity, maybe SNORT
Shortly INABIT
Standing above ATOP
Standing by ONICE
Start of a counting-out rhyme EENY
Supercomputing pioneer Seymour CRAY
Swarmed TEEMED
Sycophant TOADY
They can be found just above a six-pack PECS
Union Station-Dupont Circle connector, in D.C METRO
Up to TIL
Word before food or theory PET
___ conservative FISCAL