Boston Globe - May 9 2010

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Clues Answers
'Image' combiner ICONO
'Leave It' band YES
'M*A*S*H' lead ALDA
'SNL''s Cheri OTERI
'Stat' ASAP
'The Censor' of Rome CATO
'Wahoo!' YAY
1940s computer ENIAC
Aeschylus masterwork ORESTEIA
All thumbs INEPT
Among the cream ELITE
Appalachian, e.g. TRAIL
Approximately ORSO
As a doofus would DOPILY
Bait-drawn LURED
Banned apple spray ALAR
Barely scraping EKING
Big fat books TOMES
Brazilian steps SAMBA
Bullwinkle foe NATASHA
Cape catch COD
Celestial bear URSA
Choice in columns DORIC
Class for the birds AVES
Cohort of Aramis ATHOS
Coll. near Brown RISD
Collide with hard SLAMINTO
Come together UNITE
Conk-out spot BED
Cornucopia shape HORN
Crunchy dipper NACHO
Digs with flaps TENT
Divvying word APIECE
Do quite well EXCEL
Don't go hungry EAT
Dr. of rap DRE
Drink like __ AFISH
Early Cameron role MARY
Ellsbury's org. MLB
Fast warships? FLEET
Feds like Ness TMEN
Fill-in worker TEMP
Fit to __ ATEE
French spa water EVIAN
Furniture giant IKEA
Fury IRE
Given a smack KISSED
Gorilla's cuz ORANG
Green Kiwi parrot KEA
Gulf of Guinea hub ACCRA
Guys with goulashy names? STUS
Heavenly string HARP
Hindu mendicant (var.) FAQIR
Ho-hum BLASE
Horoscope CHART
Hosp. areas ICUS
In jeopardy ATSTAKE
In the con camp ANTI
Instinctive GUT
Iranian monarchs SHAHS
Jackson on vibes MILT
Johnny who passed UNITAS
Latin lover's word AMO
Laurel companion HARDY
Legs-bent position LOTUS
Leonine bunch PRIDE
Licensed item HANDGUN
Lifter's showcase TORSO
Like an acrobat LITHE
Like this answer? CLUED
Clues Answers
Loo sign GENTS
Low-down joint ANKLE
Made here at home DOMESTIC
Maestro Klemperer OTTO
Make truer ALIGN
Makeba of music MIRIAM
Melville sea story OMOO
Name in Olympics sportscasting MCKAY
Newborn test eponym APGAR
NY Mets adjective AMAZIN
Oil source OLIVE
One firing AXER
One of a pair? HERS
One out with another DATER
Open invitations from puzzle people? BLANKCHECKS
Opp. of vert. HOR
Our kind of animal HUMANRACE
Palindromic title MADAM
Percy __ Shelley BYSSHE
Perhaps too virile MACHO
Perry's creator ERLE
Pie piece SECTOR
Pine's 118 Across SAP
Plant swelling EDEMA
Pledge, as effort DEVOTE
Prefix on present OMNI
Puzzle people gone bad? DOUBLECROSSERS
Puzzle people's competition? BOXINGMATCH
Puzzle people's purchase option? DOWNPAYMENT
Puzzle people's top game host? ARTLINKLETTER
Puzzle people's woes? GRIDLOCKS
Ram in the air ARIES
Ref's ring calls KOS
Resistance units OHMS
Salon jobs DOS
Scoots along ZIPS
Second thought DOUBT
Sent sans stamps EMAILED
Shed thing TEAR
Silly or simian APISH
Somewhat ABIT
Source of iron LIVER
Spec for a steak DONENESS
Spots to roll in? AISLES
Stashed dough LOOT
Stuff in a marsh SEDGE
Suddenly turned VEERED
Susan of 'Blume in Love' ANSPACH
Tanglewood org. BSO
Teasing session ROAST
The NBA's Thomas ISIAH
To boot ALSO
TV she-warrior XENA
Twice 'tres' SEIS
Ukraine port city ODESSA
Unable to reach Nod SLEEPLESS
Vital fluid BLOOD
Way past tipsy SMASHED
Way with words? USAGE
What puzzle people eat? SQUAREMEALS
What puzzle people see in? HIGHDEFINITION
What ya gotta have? HEART
Where Anna met a king SIAM
Where puzzle people live? ROWHOUSES
Who drummer Keith's nickname MOONIE
Wise guy CARD
Without much amity ICILY
Yellow Teletubby LAALAA
__ podrida OLLA