- Mar 24 2021

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Clues Answers
''A __ formality'' MERE
''All systems __!'' AREGO
''America the Beautiful'' pronoun THEE
''Ditto'' SAME
''Frozen'' queen ELSA
''Guided'' excursion TOUR
''To __ is human . . .'' ERR
''__ the land of the free . . .'' OER
Absorb in a class LEARN
Actress Dame Judi __ DENCH
Alaskan port city NOME
And others: Abbr ETAL
Bar in a shower SOAP
Bath bubbles SUDS
Biblical boatbuilder NOAH
Cambodia's continent ASIA
Capital of Italia ROMA
Carpet fabric PILE
Carried around TOTED
Caught a whiff of SMELLED
Chili con __ CARNE
Cobs with corn kernels EARS
Common wild duck MALLARD
Deals with ordeals COPES
Detestable ODIOUS
Divine guardian ANGEL
Doe or buck DEER
European peaks ALPS
Firstborn ELDEST
Formal decrees EDICTS
Gets the point of SEES
Group's main vocalist LEADSINGER
Highest judicial body SUPREMECOURT
Highway or byway ROAD
Home for hogs PEN
Honolulu's island OAHU
House flipper's transaction RESALE
Household things with springs BEDS
Japanese electronics giant SONY
Clues Answers
Lake bird on Canadian coins LOON
Lamb's mom EWE
Lawyer's gig CASE
Leisurely run LOPE
Lock opener KEY
Long-necked wader EGRET
Made better with time AGED
Mardi Gras city, familiarly NOLA
McCartney or Revere PAUL
Metallic mineral ORE
Mexican coin PESO
Mideast Islamic ruler EMIR
Military truant: Abbr AWOL
Money owed DEBT
Most pristine PUREST
Move beyond PASS
Movie excerpt SCENE
Mythical tales LEGENDS
Novelist Ferber EDNA
Novelist Uris LEON
Nutrition label measure CALORIE
Optimal way of doing something BESTPRACTICE
Performed to perfection ACED
Persuade to volunteer ENLIST
Piercingly loud SHRILL
Poker pot starter ANTE
Pre-owned USED
Prefix for final SEMI
Slightly moist DAMP
Soy product in stir-fry TOFU
Take a nap, say SLEEP
Tear to bits SHRED
Tell a little untruth FIB
To the point DIRECT
Told an untruth LIED
Train schedule stat ETA
U-turn from WSW ENE
When demand is greatest PEAKSEASON
Window glass PANE