New York Times - Oct 14 2001

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Clues Answers
'Jurassic Park' actress DERN
'Must be ___ news day' ASLOW
'Paradise Lost' figure SATAN
'Skedaddle!' GIT
'Stay!' DONTGO
'The Godfather' actress TALIASHIRE
'This is no joke!' IMEANIT
'Whether times are good ___, happy ...' (1971 song lyric) ORBAD
'Would ___ to you?' ILIE
'You said it!,' in Sonora SISI
113-Across, e.g. FRENCHCHEF
1981 film '___ Jeunesse' UNE
1988 platinum-selling country album REBA
Account execs REPS
Actor Bates ALAN
Actress Sobieski of 'Joan of Arc' LEELEE
Basketmaking need ISTLE
Bedwear PJS
Bonny lass's reply, maybe NAE
Bringing a blush to the cheek, maybe RIBALD
Buzzer BEE
Calendario page ENERO
Ceaseless, in poetry ETERNE
Certain homecoming attendees ALUMNAE
Certain school grade PASS
Charlie Chaplin title SIR
Chemical suffix ANE
Compares LIKENS
Compliments, as to the chef KUDOS
Cone makers FIRS
Contents of the Uffizi Gallery ITALIANART
Devotes SPENDS
Diamond stats ATBATS
Docking spots BERTHS
Doorkeeper's reply ENTER
Famed Leontyne Price role TOSCA
Farm outbuilding STY
Fight enders, briefly TKOS
First name in 50's TV DESI
First-class ELITE
Flock member RAM
Formerly ONCE
French men's magazine LUI
Garrisons: Abbr. FTS
General Assembly topic WAR
Gentle one LAMB
German musical family BACHS
Gore and others ALS
Got through to CONTACTED
Hawaiian foodfish MAHIMAHI
Head of England LOO
Hopping mad LIVID
In a state of reverence AWED
In-flight info, for short ETA
Is idle SITS
It comes with strings attached UKE
It connects to the stem SEPAL
It's right on a clock III
Jack's love in 'Titanic' ROSE
Just open AJAR
Kind of lock YALE
Kind of shirt TEE
Landing site of 4/1/45 OKINAWA
Lean (on) RELY
Clues Answers
Like lilac leaves OVATE
Like palm trees in a storm SWAYING
Like some refugees STATELESS
Like the Olympics: Abbr. INTL
Like ___ off the old block ACHIP
Literary olio ANA
Log-on code USERID
Make beloved ENDEAR
Melancholy, in music MESTO
Metal in witherite BARIUM
Middle of the quote ISTARTEDCOOKING
Mullah's land IRAN
N.Y.C. subway IND
Not many AFEW
Novelist Gould LOIS
Old ___ (Davy Crockett's rifle) BETSY
Onetime communications giant ITT
Ornamental shrub SPIREA
Out of control AMOK
Oz visitor TOTO
Packing a punch POTENT
Philosophy 101 subject KANT
Pitching style SIDEARM
Place for a grilling PATIO
Plow pioneer DEERE
Plugging away ATIT
Posterior HIND
Posts on the stairs NEWELS
Prefix with -hedron PENTA
Prefix with colored UNI
Psychological manipulation MINDGAMES
Rudiments ABCS
Rustic digs LODGE
Salon job TINT
See 71-Across BEAME
Shipbuilder's stock TEAK
Shrimp, lobsters, etc. CRUSTACEA
Sign of refinement TACT
Singer Luft LORNA
Soaks WETS
Some gang members BIKERS
Soprano Moffo ANNA
Sore ankle application ICEBAG
Speaker of the quote JULIACHILD
Spike Lee's '___ Gotta Have It' SHES
State capital? SALESTAX
Subject of Avogadro's law GASES
Suffix with persist ENT
Suffix with techno- CRAT
Surface EMERGE
Swear (to) ATTEST
Swirl EDDY
Syndicate since 1960 OPEC
Tight SNUG
Tube top CAP
Turn in many a children's game SPIN
TV site DEN
Uncle ___ BENS
Unit of force DYNE
Warner Bros. inventory CELS
Was almost out of stock RANLOW
What's that, Carlo? CHE
Where 113-Across's creations may appear PATISSERIE
Windmill part VANE
With 66-Across, former New York politician ABE
Words TEXT
Words from 113-Across BONAPPETIT
___ smoke UPIN