Universal - Mar 24 2021

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Clues Answers
"Frozen" reindeer SVEN
"I'm impressed!" OOH
"I'm not impressed" MEH
"Surely you ___!" JEST
"You had one ___!" JOB
*Chardonnay served at a state dinner, say? WHITEHOUSEWHITE
*Intergalactic makers' studio? (hint: read each starred answer's middle word twice) SPACECRAFTSPACE
*Retaliation for overdue wages? BACKPAYBACK
*Where Fred Flintstone goes to get away from it all? CAVEMANCAVE
2019 film that won Best Picture PARASITE
Actress Rowlands GENA
Add wrong, perhaps ERR
Ball gown fabric TAFFETA
Birthday party performers CLOWNS
Bread for Swiss cheese? FRANC
Chest press targets, informally PECS
Dashboard Confessional genre EMO
Depilatory brand NAIR
Dole out ALLOT
Eclipse, to some OMEN
Enlist again REUP
Extended family CLAN
Formal agreements PACTS
Genre for Nicki Minaj HIPHOP
GPS calculations ETAS
Guitar strummer PICK
Guy in a toy box? JACK
If all else fails INAPINCH
In store TOCOME
Insurance cases CLAIMS
Kind of hormone SEX
Like some affordable textbooks USED
Like some hard cider DRY
Long-eared animals ASSES
Megan Rapinoe's team USA
Mineral deposits ORES
Model Holliday TESS
Clues Answers
Moderate gait TROT
Negative replies NOS
Network connections NODES
New York NBA player KNICK
Nonbinary possessive THEIR
Not many FEW
One often on the rebound? CENTER
Pack leaders ALPHAS
Played music at a club DJED
Prepare for takeoff TAXI
Present opening? OMNI
Puffed snack RICECAKE
Queue LINE
Quick look PEEK
Region AREA
Replace, electorally VOTEOUT
Runway display FASHION
Sandal feature OPENTOE
Shorthand pros STENOS
Similar (to) AKIN
Sixth sense, for short ESP
Skating gold medalist Lipinski TARA
Snowballs, in a snowball fight AMMO
Soviet spy org KGB
Speech-language pathologist's concerns LISPS
Startled cry EEK
T, on a sorority sweatshirt TAU
Texter's "Then again ..." OTOH
Toenail treatment, informally PEDI
Trains in the ring SPARS
Upper-left key ESC
Upstate New York tribe ONEIDA
Wee bit TAD
What an electric guitar hooks up to AMP
Word after "boarding" or "touchdown" PASS
___ shanty SEA
___-full CHOCK