New York Times - Mar 24 2021

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Clues Answers
'Boo-hoo' SOSAD
'Goodness gracious!' EGAD
'Is that ___?' ALL
'It's almost my turn!' IMNEXT
'Labor ___ vincit' (Oklahoma's state motto) OMNIA
'Rolling in the Deep' hitmaker ADELE
*Donald Duck or Popeye? SAILORSUIT
*Inspector Gadget or McGruff the Crime Dog? TRENCHCOAT
*Michael Darling or Baby Smurf? FOOTIEPAJAMAS
*Minions or Mario? DENIMOVERALLS
Affliction for many a vet PTSD
Alternatives to windows? AISLES
Available for home viewing, in a way ONDVD
Bear in a 2012 comedy TED
Big ___ (praise, slangily) UPS
Body of water in northern Russia WHITESEA
Catch NAB
Certain court plea, in brief NOLO
Classic name in children's literature AESOP
Cleansed (of) RID
Comic strip antagonist with massive arms BLUTO
Compete with RIVAL
Danger for Indiana Jones ASP
Diva's delivery ARIA
Driver's danger BLINDSPOT
Duchamp's art movement DADA
Figure skating category PAIRS
First name among late-night TV hosts SETH
Grp. opposed by March for Our Lives NRA
Hand down PASSON
Happening now LIVE
Home to the Christ the Redeemer statue, in brief RIO
Hound's 'hands' PAWS
Judo ranking DAN
Like tightrope walkers and household budgets, ideally BALANCED
Locale of the annual Nobel Peace Prize ceremony OSLO
Luau loops LEIS
Clues Answers
Manipulate the outcome of FIX
Monopoly stack DEEDS
More slick OILIER
On a magnet they're called poles ENDS
One of Jacob's 12 sons LEVI
Onetime Volvo competitors SAABS
Org. with Perseverance NASA
Pick up LEARN
Podcaster Maron MARC
Question asked regarding two red-carpet photos of those named in the starred clues? WHOWOREITBETTER
Ready to roll INGEAR
Runway model? AIRLINER
San Diego suburb LAMESA
Semihard Dutch cheese EDAM
Should that be the case IFSO
Silk center of India ASSAM
Sphere FIELD
Spinning AREEL
Subject of the 2013 documentary 'Blackfish' ORCA
Tennis great posthumously awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom ASHE
They can blow a lot of hot air VENTS
They're made of mins HRS
Title character of a John Irving novel GARP
Title girl with a gun in an Aerosmith hit JANIE
Tre x due SEI
Use a Juul, say VAPE
What doesn't go a long. way? LAT
Wine dregs LEES
Wonder-ful actress? GALGADOT
Worry to exhaustion STRESSOUT
Wrestler Flair RIC
Writer Larsson STIEG
Writing sister of Charlotte and Emily ANNE
___ card, part of a wedding invitation RSVP
___ Kim, 7-year-old star of the Golden Globe-winning 'Minari' ALAN
___ Paulo SAO