Wall Street Journal - Mar 24 2021 - TD Pass

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Clues Answers
“C’mon, posse, let’s get going!”? ALLRIDEALREADY
“East of Eden” director Kazan ELIA
“Happy Motoring!” company ESSO
“Life of Pi” Oscar winner ANGLEE
“So long,” on the Seine ADIEU
“Stormy Weather” singer Lena HORNE
5-Down, for example CLASS
Acquire GAIN
Advance LEND
Ann’s advice-giving sister ABBY
Bank holding LIEN
Blacken CHAR
Blown away AWED
Boxer botherers FLEAS
Brief times, briefly SECS
Brought into the world BORN
Buck’s counterpart DOE
Crunch title CAPN
Cub Scout units DENS
Currency of Jordan DINAR
Currency of Vietnam DONG
Dander IRE
Deepen a canal, in a way DREDGE
Delivery docs, in brief OBS
Different ELSE
Digging the music GROOVING
Filibusterer’s delivery, often SCREED
First Hebrew letter ALEPH
Floating chunk BERG
Flowed into FED
Gala discard CORE
Gentleman caller BEAU
Go into hiding LIELOW
Goofball BOZO
Hammer part CLAW
Imperfection FLAW
Inhaled stuff AIR
Clues Answers
Inhospitable to flora ARID
Janney of “I, Tonya” ALLISON
Le Concorde, par exemple AVION
Like a badly sunburned pachyderm? REDWIDEANDBLUE
Like Alpine peaks SNOWCLAD
Lock component BOLT
Many promgoers SENIORS
Marsh of detective fiction NGAIO
Mental confusion HAZE
Mil. no-show AWOL
Move, in realty talk RELO
O’er there YON
Pint at the pub ALE
Prosciutto purveyor DELI
Relevant APT
Risk roller DIE
Seacrest’s TV co-host RIPA
Select group ELITE
Serenade sentiment LOVE
Skating category PAIRS
Slaw and fries, e.g SIDES
Slow, in scores LENTO
Slow-cooked supper STEW
Soft & ___ (deodorant brand) DRI
Soft cheese BRIE
Some House votes YEAS
Sports drink from Coca-Cola POWERADE
Staple for a cannabis baker? WHOLEWEEDFLOUR
Student of Seneca NERO
Torres of “9-1-1: Lone Star” GINA
Torts and Contracts students ONELS
Uttered ORAL
Village greens, e.g AREAS
Walk-gallop go-between TROT
What a thinker thinks up IDEA
What separates A students from D students? THEGRADEDIVIDE
Wraps, in a way SWADDLES