The Times - Concise - Times Concise No 8546

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Clues Answers
Accepted proposition AXIOM
Al Capone's nickname SCARFACE
Brisk movement ALLEGRO
Card; lifter JACK
Covered in blood GORY
Expert marksmanship SHARPSHOOTING
Expression of surprise (US) gee whiz
Filled pasta RAVIOLI
For all 24 hours round the clock
Game bird QUAIL
Goodbye ADIEU
Helped, benefited AVAILED
Clues Answers
Horse's whinny NEIGH
Impolite UNCIVIL
Israeli communal farm KIBBUTZ
Makes a difference to AFFECTS
Non-professional AMATEUR
One of twelve in court JUROR
Pretended blow FEINT
Projecting surface LEDGE
Race; transmit RELAY
Raiding soldier COMMANDO
Shivering fit, fever AGUE
Thermodynamic quantity ENTHALPY
Wharf, landing-place QUAY