Wall Street Journal - Mar 23 2021 - Hardwood Four

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Clues Answers
“James and the Giant Peach” author Roald DAHL
“Little Women” sister MEG
“Regrettably...” ALAS
“The Matrix” protagonist NEO
“Toodle-oo!” TATA
“___ in the Theatre” (David Mamet play) ALIFE
1977 Steely Dan album AJA
4,700-square-foot play area, and a hint to this puzzle’s theme BASKETBALLCOURT
Act before considering the consequences SHOOTFROMTHEHIP
Beachgoers may sport them SUNTANS
Bouillabaisse ingredient MUSSEL
Canvas holder EASEL
Careless mistake SLIP
Chocolate nonpareils brand SNOCAPS
Classic street liners ELMS
Cook with Apple TIM
Cultural spirit ETHOS
Dangle a carrot in front of TEMPT
Deep chasm ABYSS
Do some price negotiating HAGGLE
Edit menu command REDO
Executor’s concern ESTATE
Farm unit ACRE
Forum attire TOGA
Gal pal, in Guatemala AMIGA
Genesis son ABEL
Go ahead LEAD
Hair-raising EERIE
Harmonize SYNC
Have a bite EAT
How floor plans are drawn TOSCALE
How losses may appear INRED
Invested in BACKED
Journey that might cover all the bases USOTOUR
Kerfuffles ADOS
Largest continent ASIA
Left in a cask, say AGED
Loads ATON
Clues Answers
Lucky charm AMULET
Make out SEE
Manipulative sort USER
Mayberry boy OPIE
Meat stamp letters USDA
Mechanical calculators ABACI
Minute Maid Park player ASTRO
Nearsightedness MYOPIA
Notion, in Nantes IDEE
One whose business is picking up CABBIE
Opposed to ANTI
Pinocchio, at times LIAR
Port in Pennsylvania ERIE
Prankster’s purchase DRIBBLEGLASS
Promote BOOST
Que. neighbor ONT
Remington products RIFLES
Render a decision PASSJUDGMENT
Requisite NEED
Sign of summer LEO
Sling’s contents ARM
Spelling competition BEE
Spider-Man projections WEBS
Squander WASTE
Supporter ALLY
Test worth coll. credit APEXAM
Three-pt. scores FGS
Tom Collins base GIN
Totaled, as costs RANTO
Train unit CAR
Trap at a ski resort, say ICEIN
Uncovered BARE
Vietnamese holiday TET
Weakens SAPS
Wheel connectors AXLES
You might binge one SERIES
___ John’s Pizza PAPA