Canadiana - Mar 22 2021

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Clues Answers
Adolph's mistress EVA
Affirm slangily YEAH
Agitated HET
Allege CLAIM
Ancient OLD
Aquatic animal SEAL
Auto part, for short TRAN
Back then AGO
Back then AGO
British Columbia heritage river FRASER
Calendar ref AUG
Common complaint COLD
Computer hookup, abbr LAN
Computer key DELI
Confused ASEA
Current, slangily MOD
Dive-bombed STRAFED
Dory need OARS
Female saint, abbr STE
First lady? EVE
Fox hole DEN
Get by EKE
Hawaiian cookout LUAU
Heavens SKY
Impulse URGE
Intuit SENSI
Isn't, slangily AINT
Israeli port ELAT
Itinerary ref ETA
Lighten up? AERATE
Malaria AGUE
Nerve cell NEURON
New Brunswick heritage river STCROIX
Clues Answers
Newfoundland heritage river MAIN
Nigerian city IFE
NWT heritage river YUKON
Oil giant ESSO
Ontario heritage river GRAND
Ontario heritage river DETROIT
Ovum EGG
Phobia or blast preceder XENO
Pretentious ORNATE
Prevaricator LIAR
Raptors OWLS
Regret RUE
Reverence AWE
Russian industrial city KAZAN
Salamander OLM
Sea eagle ERN
Silence GAG
Slippery EELY
Small duck TEAL
Spot SEE
Stare lasciviously OGLE
Swiss river AARE
Tennis term SET
The Colonel's Co KFC
Tree feature KNOT
Turkish topper FEZ
Under the weather ILL
University subj GEOLOGY
Whale baby CALF
Work unit ERG
WW2 battlefield CAEN
Zodiac sign LEO
___ Fraser, World Cup aerials champ ANNA